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Manifesting you
Hi Twitter miss me
I forgot I had twitter
And what do you know, sometimes jhadu ki jhappi >>>>> sex
Bas munna-chinki wali love story chahiye 🤲🏻
Dard ka ilaj karo, mehsus nhi - Dr J. Asthana
I am bored, like super bored
I saw this chick working at a bank day before yesterday. @TwitterCreators should I ask her out already?
All these uncles be getting famous for love, and yet here i am
If they cheat, get them to sign their property to your name without telling them.
What if tinder secretly rates your face, and display profile accordingly
Whats a curry fam get-together without a fight!
Ever been scared of tomorrow?
Remember having friends
Ever felt anxious af
Aur bhai kar li 12th pass? Lag jao college counseling me!
I am bored and i donn even care anymore
All i need is love 🥺
Drop snap id for
In the world of hentai, choose chicken momos