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a thread on my (soon to be) failed attempt to turn the Β£50 I can afford to gamble this month, into travel, accommodation, entry fee and inevitable Goliath win. I know some of my followers have addiction issues πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ so if seeing betting content will trigger you PLEASE unfollow
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This is a substantially more accurate term than quiet quitting.
Replying to @nedlazaruswolfe
Someone called it β€˜acting your wage’ and I love that
I usually just pick spiders up with a bit of paper and fling em out the window, but just encountered one so big I should probably start charging it rent.
For the 1000th time: crippling energy bills don’t just lead to individual harm or problems for suppliers. They lead to mass debt, rent arrears, destitution, huge strain on public services. It’s not a bills crisis. It’s a socioeconomic crisis on a scale we refuse to comprehend.
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I take back my previous comment about good poems rhyming. Cheers Giggsy, you've ruined poetry forever.
Ryan Giggs penned a poem to Kate Greville in response to a verse from her which included the line β€œevery day you make me proud, because you’re well endowed”. Read Mr Giggs’ poem in full below. And the day, as it happened, here -…
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GET IN THE FUCKING BIN. I’m too angry about this to even be polite about it. Hunger is not a virtue, it’s a distress signal of extreme deprivation.
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It isn't banter if it's true though.
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On a side note, favourite thing I ever heard from a patient up in Inverness: Consultant to female patient: "now dear have you ever been bed ridden before?" Octogenarian crofter: "Yes, and twice in the back of a car." Consultant: "..." Patient: "and don't call me 'dear'!"
This confuses me too. Surely the beach is one of the main reasons for holidaying in coastal towns. Everyone should be angry about this.
It is equally amazing why coastal towns and local authorities aren't battering down DEFRA's door demanding no more sewage in their backyard (or on the beautiful beaches). @DefraGovUK
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That wee ToryGirl waited until 10.24 am the next morning to suddenly recall she had (allegedly) been abused at Perth Conservative Hustings, Murdo Fraser RT her 30 seconds letter. This is an invented dog-whistle story output by desperate attention seeking Tories. Jackanory. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
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My last rental had an oven that - regardless of what the instructions said - would cook food perfectly at 180Β° for 20 minutes.
Shout out to everyone who cooks at 200Β°C, no matter what the instructions say.
Casemiro randomly appeared at Real Madrid, nobody knows where he came from.
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This is an eye opener
Anyone else on the brink of blocking the words Truss and Sunak? Can't scroll Twitter without seeing their glaiket faces, or their inflammatory and often factually incorrect policies
I wish I had the optimism of the man trying to sweep away the rain.
Flash flooding has been reported in some parts of London following weeks of extremely dry weather. How is it in your part of London? We'd love to see any pictures or video you have of the situation where you are.
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Please could this be the headlines in a few days time. " Amazing students worked hard and achieved great things despite the challenges of the pandemic. They are to be congratulated". The end. No more is needed this year or in other years for that matter. Good luck to all.
Eat out now, because your options are about to become either eye-wateringly expensive or shuttered for good.
If you stick β€œenergy bills close” into Google News then there’s loads of local news stories about shops and restaurants shutting down as they get their new energy bills. All of these are in recent days.
Everyone should read this thread. Systematic dismantling of the NHS.
What are the solutions to the Healthcare crisis in this country? The NHS continues to spiral. This affects us all. Our odds of surviving if we have a serious accident or medical emergency are now lower. There are ways to reverse this but it requires real leadership. Thread
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Energy companies pricing their customers out of their only product is a sub-optimal business decision.
Does this man ever do any constituency work? Seems to spend the majority of his time insulting people on Twitter, in between sporadic bouts of pleading for a more calm and respectful politics.
A flame burns brightest just before it dies out. Looking at the anger at the Perth hustings yday, together with the increased Cybernat activity on here and increasingly hysteric contributions from SNP elected members- it's hard to avoid the conclusion they know the game's up.
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Good grief this is horrific...
Karen, St Columb Road, sent photos of the shelter they built when her 87 year dad fell on Monday. He waited 15 hours for an ambulance with 7 broken ribs, 2 fractures to his pelvis and an arm wound @SteveBarclay @swasFT @RCHTWeCare @stevedouble @ciosicb @CornwallCouncil
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