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An investment in the kingdom of Heaven yields eternal dividends. If you find a treasure in a field, sell all you have and buy the field.

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Every scale of the Creation requires consciousness to descend into lower worlds and sacrifice itself in a life of 'willful suffering.' By mimicking the initial sacrifice, which was the birth of our world, we resonate with the eternal Holy Ghost and realize our Telos.
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Still trying to process my emotions on learning that @twitter blacklisted me. The thought that will keep me up tonight: censorship of scientific discussion permitted policies like school closures & a generation of children were hurt. 1/2
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Please include in your analysis the 'dirty energy' required to mine all of that precious metal for batteries, the energy to charge the vehicles, and the energy to deal with the spent batteries, and the damage to the environment to discard the batteries. Please and thank you
Two billion internal combustion engines will be replaced. 420 billion annual hours of human driving will be replaced. Dangerous, boring, and repetitive human tasks will be replaced. Thousands of terrawatt-hours of annual dirty energy production will be replaced. $TSLA
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They want you to forget...
The definition of a Karen
Pediatric hospitals are being crushed by RSV, flu, #COVID19. I'm masked every day, seeing patients of all ages. We don’t get sick from our patients and we keep the environment safe for them. Yet unmasked adults gather at meetings, shops, parties. IMO, that’s surreal. #MaskUp
I don't know about Satan, but Lucifer is most likely the remnants of a destroyed planet - which we call the asteroid belt - that circled in orbit between Mars and Jupiter.
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The devil is a more complicated one. I don't believe in the Christian devil, a fallen angel who defies God. The standard Jewish approach towards Satan is as a tempter/prosecutor *given a role by God to fulfill*, not an autonomous being
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I think I'd rather fucking die than be stuck in a coffin for 2 weeks shitting and pissing myself
earthquake bed
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If only he was dressed in women’s underwear and reading a book about sexuality for five year olds, then he’d have libraries lining up to host him.
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Subscribe! We are building our contact base. We are serious about creating open-access independent research about the most important questions. Support independent research.
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Aint it a shame ⁦@christyclarkbc⁩ you belong in prison ⁦@DonutShorts⁩ ⁦@scoopercooper⁩ I sure am proud of ⁦@Dave_Eby
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This is a masterpiece. Best two minutes of my day right here👇
Here's my 2-minute summary of last night's ridiculous woke seminar, "Journalists and Online Hate". 🤡 How can normies, like us, deal with this Woke Ideology Cult? Laugh at them ...Mercilessly. 😂
OBAMA: "We all know some folks in our lives who — we don’t wish them ill will. They say crazy stuff & we’re all like, ‘Well, you know, Uncle Joe, you know what happened to him.’ They're part of the family but you don't give them serious responsibilities."…
The Fed won't pivot yet, they will pause and declare victory over inflation, market will rally hard, then data will force them to pivot and the serious risk-off will begin
I'm sick and tired of all the "Fed pivot" talk. Historically, a pivot in the Federal Funds rate is BEARISH FOR STOCKS. Stop with these stupid narratives. The Fed pivots mostly BEFORE major drawdowns in the S&P 500. WAKE UP.…
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I'm sick and tired of all the "Fed pivot" talk. Historically, a pivot in the Federal Funds rate is BEARISH FOR STOCKS. Stop with these stupid narratives. The Fed pivots mostly BEFORE major drawdowns in the S&P 500. WAKE UP.…
I am unvaccinated. I had Covid once, a bad flu, and mayybe it another time, mild. I regret nothing even if the vax lowered my risks. Any group mandating medication should receive a middle finger🖕🏼as a reply.
Life is carbon.
Lei Zhang, CEO of Envision Group, shares his reaction to the current rate environment at the #NewEconomyForum
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I apologize for ever recommending the Covid shot for anyone. I should have known better. I’m thankful I never got it, but I’m also seriously concerned about people who did (including many people I love) #StoptheShots
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Only to be topped by this
piece of shit
I lost millions as an investor in @FTX and got sandblasted as a paid spokesperson for the firm but after listening to that interview I’m in the @billAckman camp about the kid!
People are fucking CLAPPING for this criminal. FML
ARS @andrewrsorkin you’re a journalistic embarrassment!