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Immigrant is a word invented for brown people living abroad, by white People. From today, I’ll refer to myself as an expat while I call other white British living abroad as immigrants. 😂 #Immigration #Brexit #TakeBackControl
A work colleague told me today he’d pay to see a 🥊 match between a man and a woman. Basically, he’d pay to see a woman getting beat up. Same person told me he wouldn’t say beastiality was wrong few weeks ago. That’s what liberal atheism does to you. It makes you a 🏆#moron
#HindutvaTerrorists trying to intimidate those that expose their crimes against Muslims 😂
#HindutvaTerror Terrorising Me through their Nastiness, Highlighting #HumanRights abuses, #genocide minorities is Crime ? #muslimphobia_in_india
There’s a new wave of Palestinian Muslims who are 🔴pro LGHDTV+ 🔴pro all abortions 🔴pro liberalism 🔴pro nationalism (Jerusalem is for Palestinians only) 🔴pro feminism #Palestine
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“Can I drive your car.” No you’re 5 “Can I have a beer?” No you’re 5 “Can I have a cigarette?” No you’re 5 “Can I take hormones and change my gender?” Of course! You know what’s best.
This deserves another retweet.
[Thread] The most racist Ukraine coverage on TV News. 1. The BBC - “It’s very emotional for me because I see European people with blue eyes and blonde hair being killed” - Ukraine’s Deputy Chief Prosecutor, David Sakvarelidze
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النسويات الكاسيات العاريات مو شاطرين إلا على تحريض السفيهات من النساء أمثالهم للتمرد على الرجال. مافي ذكر أبدا لجرائم النساء في البلاد العربية ليش؟ #القصاص_من_قاتل_نيرة #القصاص_من_قاتل_روان #نيرة_أشرف #ايمان_ارشيد
الإسلام يدعو للمحبة والرحمة ويحذّر من إيذاء الخلق وظلمهم فكيف بقتلهم! لذا نرفض العنف عموما وليس ما تكون ضحيته امرأة فقط ونمجّ صراخ النسويات واستغلال الأحداث للإساءة لديننا ومجتمعاتنا والاتهام بظلم المرأة هل سمعتم حرفا عن مقتل هؤلاء الرجال هذا العام بل هذا الشهر طعنا وخنقا وحرقا؟
Morals 📉
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Latest consecutive فِتَن tribulations the Ummah have gone through in the last few weeks, which also helped revelations some masks alhamdulillah #RoeVWade #LGHDTV+ #HindutvaTerror #شيرين_أبوعاقلة #AlAqsaUnderAttack
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.. مُـرسـل من جهاز ( أيـفـون ) !! .. راجعتُ أمس قرابة 500 صحيفة أمريكية، وذلك لقياس حجم التفاعل مع قرار المحكمة العيا بحظر #الإجهاض وفي حالة نادرة وجدت قرابة 350 صحيفة صدرت صفحتها بعنوان واحد من كلمة واحدة فقط ( OVERTURNED ) وكأن رئيس التحرير شخص واحد!! #Abortion #AbortionBan
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Can’t wait to ponder more into #Allah’s creation. #Islam #Science
It's almost time. NASA is revving up to release its very 1st interstellar discoveries, courtesy of @NASAWebb . Come July 12, we may begin seeing the universe through a vastly clearer lens. They've successfully calibrated the eye of a JWST-mounted device called NIRSpec. ⏱️
The more they attack islam (such as APUS) the more it spreads alhamdullah. This is Allah’s guidance that compliments our natural intellect. Another youtuber reverts to Islam
يوتيوبر بريطاني عندما أسلم وأراد أن يخبر أمه عن دخوله بالإسلام …. شاهد ردة فعلها عندما علمت بذلك الجزء الأول
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The same Muslim feministas shouting about women rights in Islam reject the right of Muslim men to marry up to four wives, and reject all narrations that impose obligations of women towards their men who qualify for Qawamah. Cherry picking cute liberal Islam is not ISLAM
Muslim feminista doesn’t have an answer to where the Fatwa is so she blocks me. I’ma layman Muslim too so therefore i need to watch out from where i take my religious teachings and morals from. #abortion
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You’d think that this narration, as well as many other narrations that demonstrate the love and affection of Allah upon his creation, would soften and melt denying atheists’ hearts. Yet, they go with the losing bet.
the first part of this hadith really puts me at ease alhamdulillah
حركات وتنظيمات النسوية تركب موجات الجرائم ضد النساء لكسب عطف واستقطاب ذوي الإيمان الضعيف. اللهم ارحم واربط على قلوب أهلها. معقولة لهالدرجة بعض الرجال الشباب وصلوا!؟ #ايمان_ارشيد #القصاص
You mean the right of a women to kill her baby without having the right to arm herself? 🙄 #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights what a stupid hashtag. What about babies rights? How sick and twisted these people are.
what kind of shithole country gives more rights to a gun than to a woman
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