This is an extremely worrying paragraph from the President of the Supreme Court whose role is to ensure that Parliament acts within the law. Campaign groups and solicitors form an important part of this mechanism and should not be cast in a negative light for doing so...

Jul 9, 2021 · 9:40 AM UTC

particularly where Parliament legislated to act compatibly with ECHR rights in the first place; these should not be framed as “risks” to mitigate (as if courts are never aware of this) but safeguards against illegality, political or not
solidarity with @cpaguk and other amazing charities and solicitors who support them who have endeavoured to ensure that rights have been respected when austerity bit hard
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Yes, this was surprising, especially given the number of legal points which were clarified by the appeal itself. Also no indication that the legal point was without merit (in one view it failed only at the very last hurdle). A real tone shift
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This is unremarkable. It is the same approach to many issues arising in cases brought before the SC with an international law element (over 50% of its caseload). The Court routinely warns itself against intruding into matters engaging "political questions".
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Lord Reed has authored two big judgments today in support of the political constitution, which I think epitomise his presidency of the UKSC. Whatever your view of the judgments, they signify a smaller role for legal human rights.
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I know I am currently reading through the judgment and had the exact same reaction