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THREAD: This is hilarious. Steve Bannon told the media June 15th out front of the courthouse "I want to appreciate the J-6 committee canceling today - you know why? Because their ratings stink and they can't compete with the Bannon trial." 1/…
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Maybe we’ll get lucky and Handmaid Coney Barrett and Kavanope will resign when they realize they’re partisan nutcase unqualified hacks and the seditionist’s husband will follow them out the door.
Make no mistake: If Democrats expand their Senate majority in 2022, they will pack the Supreme Court.
I mean…she might be on to something with this whole “demonic possession through intimate relationships” thing. Let’s not write her off just yet.
The Republican nominee for Michigan Secretary of State said "demonic possession" is real and transferred via "intimate relationships."…
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It’s so stupid to me when people try to mockingly use “the party of tolerance and acceptance” to make their (ignorant) point. Bitch when did anyone say we were tolerant of our corrupt SCOTUS?
Totally normal account from the party of tolerance and acceptance
I never retweet when people ask for a retweet but I really wanna see what happens here.
Many accounts ask for RT so that such and such thing can get done. I am here giving it a try as well. Here we go... RT to feed my cat!
Dr. Scott, who seems *super* smart and has *amazing* awareness, just cannot believe his friend was wrongfully detained because his friend is well respected in the GOP, is a CFO, and lives in an affluent neighborhood.
A Black friend of mine, well respected in the GOP, CFO of a major corporation, lives in an affluent Dallas neighborhood. He saw a White guy breaking into a neighbors house, called 911, said the burglar was a White guy, and when the Police came, they put HIM in cuffs. He’s LIVID
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She's 10 — wearing a mask is child abuse, but forcing her rapists baby out is fine.
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Pretty sure it’s the corrupt, GOP bought SCOTUS that has ruined Independence Day and that nobody in their right mind feels like celebrating this country right now anyway because of their freedoms being stolen.
4th of July under Joe Biden: Red, White, and BROKE. #Bidenflation has ruined Independence Day.
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GOP: Maybe she should use protection if she didn't want to get pregnant. D: she was raped GOP: *switches talk track* what was she wearing? D: she's 10. GOP: *checks notes* this is a blessing from God MONSTERS
A 10-year-old girl is raped. The State forces her to remain pregnant and tells her to consider it an “opportunity.” This isn’t Iran. This isn’t Gilead. This isn’t hypothetical. This happened today in Ohio.
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This is disgusting. I don’t agree with a lot of her views but the attacks on her are misguided and foul. Put as much energy into your elected officials as you do entertainment figures and maybe you’ll accomplish something.
My family’s address (covered), a pipe bomb and a picture of a bomb-making handbook. The account remains active, naturally. #BeKind
Doesn’t Mike Lindell have any family or friends that care about him? I know damn well that if I were running amuck making a complete fool of myself the people in my life would care enough to try to stop me. I’m almost starting to feel sorry for this poor bastard.
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Ring! Ring!
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In November, California will have a ballot measure to enshrine the right to abortion and contraception in our Constitution. We won’t allow a partisan Court to reverse decades of progress. And we will remain a home for all who want to make their own health care decisions.
Delightful comments here 😂
This is how we got where we are. According to the U.S. Department of Education, 54% of U.S. adults 16-74 years old - about 130 million people - lack proficiency in literacy, reading below the equivalent of a sixth-grade level.
Three things are guaranteed in life. Death, taxes, and Ted Cruz having something to do with it whenever Cancun or any Sesame Street character is trending.
Ok I am totally fine with the re-theming of Splash Mountain especially because I LOVE The Princess and the Frog but the information I can’t find anywhere is when will Splash Mountain close??? I need to ride it one more time but I absolutely despise Disneyland in the summer 🥺🥺
Well well well
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"Jesus is Lord" is trending so I thought I'd share this gem I found. Ave Satanas.
A 22-year-old man pulled out two handguns during a wedding anniversary party in Memphis and started shooting guests because they were eating too many pieces of chicken. Permitless carry went into effect in Tennessee last year. #tnleg…
Remember when the Supreme Court was supposed to be nonpartisan?
There is an assault on democracy in this country, but it is by the Left not the Right. It took us 50 years to overturn Roe vs Wade. We worked hard, won elections, and put conservatives on the court. 5 days after losing at Supreme Court, Democrats want to blow up the Senate!
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