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on no particular side, can't stand the you're either with us or against us left/right thing

A small town in England
Joined March 2014
Just set this up first time since moving, still rocking after 19 years🎶😃
It's nearly mid November and I've been driving round in this with the roof down and a t-shirt on....and am not cold. Wtf??!
At last the garden looks less like a miniature Sahara Desert (which it pretty much has since moving in!) and more like a garden in the green and pleasant land!!
Wine, cheese and chicken salad wraps on the beach!! 😃
Benji decided he'd much rather his bed was in the middle of the lounge today (usually it lives the other side of the room neatly against a radiator) so just plonked it in the middle and chilled out, after moving my trainer nearby, just because...!
I feel the need to post the before and after shots of the kitchen fireplace. I can confirm removing woodchip is a *****!!
Car Want of the Day...'93 Porsche 911 Carrera 2😍. Crazily a new Golf GTI has about the same power output!!
Looks like EV drivers in Banbury have got the same problem all us evil fossil fuel drivers had back in September . All chargers in use (so that's what, a good 45 mins?) and at least 5 Duracell cars queuing😂
No-one's being a prick and panic buying fuel that we did have plenty of (until morons started panic buying!) at Tesco in Ashford, Kent!!!
Just rocked up at the lil converted barn in Kent we've got for the weekend on a working farm called Cold Blow Farm. I'm highly impressed because part of our audio visual entertainment for the weekend is a Panasonic video CASSETTE recorder!! 😆
The neighbours are having a party and have asked if they can borrow our drive and we appear to be playing the 'how many cars can we fit' game!! Currently 5, I reckon we can get to 7, maybe even 8🤔
Last night I was a Dancing Queen!!! (erm, didn't quite come out right😂) West End Abba in Northampton!!!
Apparently I've got to avoid consuming any of the pepper corns in my Pear G&T, so, all the floating bits! Hmmmmm🤔
I have come home to sheer cuteness (and madness!) after a night away from home...
Ok...that's impressive!! My 16 year old Windows XP Packard Bell desktop has just fired up instantly so I can play Star Trek Fleet Command 3 after not being used for over 3 years and connected to the WiFi. It's 1 GB of RAM is now raring to go!!!!😂
Picking this lil chap on Sunday to welcome him as a new member of the household
Got invaded earlier. I think they came for the Cornflakes!!!!
Car Want of the Day...Mclaren 570 S Spider, all 570 bhp of it!! 😈
Pleasant walk round Oxford today surrounded by young students far cleverer than I!!
Rather than watching old Top Gear episodes over lunch I've been out for a walk and realised it's looking pretty nice round the back of my house...I don't go round there much!!