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Can you do something really impactful? Propose a law where ONLY WOMEN VOTE ON ISSUE THAT ONLY PERTAIN TO WOMEN. Ladies only laws. We deserve to have our own choices.
I don't like anyone being hated for any reason, but for most of my lige Asians have hated on black people. We can all stop hating. Asians should stop hating too.
Is there no new safety procedures for gun control? A resource officer at every school? No parking surveillance? No questionnaire for students that own guns?
We don't need ineffective laws that can be ignored, we need enforcement. "We" have to get the guns. Ask a question: Does your son have a gun? Before school starts again.
We must address our nationalism. When we promote separate laws for separate states, how are we United states?
Then DO SOMETHING! You can ask a question, can't you"? Ask every parent: DOES YOUR SON HAVE A GUN?" Then go get the gun, parent, get the gun. That's a start.
Dude! Race is not the problem
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The Crime Suppression Unit continues to keep our streets safe and put dangerous criminals behind bars. We appreciate the men and women of the @GA_DPS and all in law enforcement who work hard to protect Georgians. May God bless and keep them safe!
Keep fighting, we cannot let Donald Trump the American Dictator have a chance.
If Russia is saying there is nothing going on and Ukraine is saying there is nothing going on why is America instigating that a war is bout to break out? Mind our business, mind our business.
Hardest working president ever.
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Last night President Biden approved an emergency declaration for California in response to the Caldor fire. The emergency declaration will support the state’s evacuation efforts, including shelter and food for those that have been displaced.…
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Replying to @GovKemp @GaDPH @GADCH
YOU can not mandate anyone to add something to their BODY! You can not make SOMEONE get a shot they do not want. I’m fully vaccinated due to being okay with it some PEOPLE can’t do it due to medical reasons.
Some people just have it all! Hate dem bitches! Sick beauty, sick job, sick money, and all I got was....still looking for it.
COVID? You don't even have to leave your house. How is COVID beating you down so much that you can't do your job? Megan, come on Girl, you got more ump than that!
mocking penises? That can't be a good idea.
Girls kissing girls? Have at it. I still believe in a good penis.
Trying to get to the bottom of the recent firing of Dr. Wilbanks. All that I've heard is "terminated without reason or cause."Question: We are not that are we?"