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Replying to @ksorbs
No,no, no shunshine, some people who got Covid died.
Replying to @ThisIsKyleR
Look at you! Badass Kyle, kill a few folks then claim to be a Christ follower? Now you of all people are an advisor? Nope, still a P.O.S, be it American P.O.S.
Replying to @elonmusk
Like what? Why isn't everybody's laptop private property? I don't care what Hunter Biden has on his laptop, cause I don't want anyone to look into mine. What about you Elon? Share.
Replying to @LPCO @elonmusk
Yup. Capitalism is the name of free trade. Or is it communism, that you'd prefer?
Replying to @GovKemp
What's the best way to contact you? I need you to rescind the open carry law. Too many young people are killing each other. You should help the citizens of Georgia.
What???? That didn't work.
So what do you think we should do about it? Stop being a crybaby and write some suggestions. Maybe, just maybe, the rest of us will help put your words into action.
So basically 3 bucks a day? You should get a better job.
Replying to @ksorbs
How do you know? Were you there?
Replying to @BlackKnight10k
We normally don't impeach our great presidents, just the crooked and corrupt ones.
So your position is that he was right to kill the protesters? I think the capital police should have used that mentality and killed more of those protesters.
Replying to @ThisIsKyleR
Didn't you kill a few folks? People who kill should not be complaining about not being understood. Dude, you're a murderer.
All of yall were lucky bitches that day
But how do we tell the difference?
I think we all play a part. The left, the right, the middle, heck, who did I leave off?
Who is this pedophile president?
Do you have something mean to say? Racist to say? Well meaning people don't want to hear that. What are you saying now? Listen to you because you are mean?