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🙈🙉🙊. much obliged

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Alexia🌷 #Greek origin meaning Helper of #mankind 🙊🙉🙈💫
And without nature WEDIE
The air entering a peregrine falcon's nose during its high speed dives (320 km/h) would cause its lungs to explode, but bony tubercles in its nares safely regulate the passage of air. Engineers solved the air intake in jet engines in a similar way:
$NIO, $AMZN, $GME, $XPEV let's go up this week! We r waiting for u!
🦒. There's always a way to make up for #attempted...............#feetfirst this time 🤓
This is the moment paraglider Yanis Terzis captures a close-up aerial footage of one of the ancient pyramids of Egypt [source:]
#memory Such a strange thing. How do u remember that but not this..... From end of 2017 my memory is faded due to TBI. During my short-term was hostile toward me..... The five banks procedural memory perceptual priming short-term memory , semantic memory episodic memory. 😎
But my memory 2017 later well..... Its truly admarale
Seems this penny slot was the better investment longterm just took these dreams and made them into a false reality best one could ehhhh? One after another another after another yet none actually are the #realthing 🤔🤓 are they #D #Husky #Recordstore #truck #trusvegasbartalk
Trust Vegas bar talks 🤓🤓😎 Makes for a great #film though ready or not #pauloakenfold
#wheresiswaldo Noah loves the camera man.... peaceful #sunday drafting stage of logos.. fought hard for this life #again
I love your @davematthewsbnd Turns out your lyrics tell my story funny... I've tried to worn him so many times and still #blindedbythelight Besafe in #Mexico
Maratus volans, a peacock jumping spider, on top of having extremely colorful abdomen flaps used during courtship, can also see the full visible spectrum as well as in the UV range: this helps it detect its prey [📹 Flynn Prall:]
With glasses one is able to see perfectly clear Of course. They must have lenses #studio54 @50cent
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