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she/they - 98 - iris 🍃 - might be Fey - animation student, ttrp and game enthousiast, i do all the arts🖌 and im a cosplayer by night 🧵 pf: @PleineKrins

Rotterdam, Nederland
Joined November 2011
Hey crew of critical role, thank you for dealing with my excitement. #CriticalRole you are incredibly kind and really appreciate your time ❤️ @matthewmercer @LauraBaileyVO @Marisha_Ray @samriegel @executivegoth @WillingBlam @VoiceOfOBrien
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Total mental breakdown on day 4 of interning but ok:/
I need to choose a minor already for next year oh help
I'm very tired from my first day
Omg a classmate is doing her internship here too
I promised myself to go ice skating after work but all I want is to go back to crafting, now that I have the taste back
Also I have this weird feeling. I have 3D printer accesable to me and would be useful to this costume but I don't want to model and wait to print? So I just mash together worbla and it's uneven but direct. It feel like I'm not a proper maker for working sloppen then I could
This how far I am with my Thrúd cosplay, 2 days of work and whole belt is added
So I completely forgot to buy tickets for a iffr show my boyfriend wanted to take me with and it's sold out so I guess no date night for me :///
Nvm?? A friend gave up his ticket so we VIBINN
Worked a little bit on Thrúd today!
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[Spoiler alert] So excited to share that my singing is in @amazon's #1 series, #TheLegendOfVoxMachina (Season 2) @CriticalRole, on composer @neal_acree's incredibly moving music ❤️ Ep 5 with our collaborations has now aired! So moving to be a part of #Keyleth's story arc 😭
The music in #TheLegendofVoxMachina 205 "Pass Through Fire" features the incomparable @JulieElvenMusic singing the theme in the opening scene and in Keyleth's pivotal moment. Such a powerful scene created by @Marisha_Ray, writer @MeredithStories and @TitmouseInc . #LVMSpoilers
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I can't express how excited I have been to have partnered with @SonySantaMonica on this recreation of Thor I'll be sharing more photos, videos, and the cosplay guide we created for fans to build their own Thor A lot of hard work went into this armor, stay tuned for more!
Tilburg ge'raid voor stofjes
✨️Iris 🌿@full-time working lass retweeted… Join me as we go through building your very own armor with leather, more parts to come soon A lot of hard work went into recreating @SonySantaMonica incredible Thor design, excited to see what you all come up with #GodofWar #thor #Videogame #Kratos
Only reason why I wanna play the hurry gurdy? Is so I call call myself a hurdygurdygurly
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Me showing my art/cosplays/OCs to my nerd friends: