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True though. Stop doing it, see if you miss it.
"Living is a want, not a need" Huh???
(this is a joke)
Some things merit swearing.
Tonight, in Mineral Wells, Texas When a @GregAbbott_TX supporter laughs, yes, laughs out loud so everyone could hear, while Beto described the massacre of 19 children and 2 teachers in Uvalde, Beto quite appropriately lets loose with a MF. Yep. It was a pretty good one too.
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I'm not a suspected criminal though.
If the Department of Justice can do this to a former President, they can do it to you.
The price of insulin in the US is insanely high but all these variants of the "it cost's 10ct to make an iPhone"-memes need to go die in a fire.
It costs ~$70 to produce a year’s supply of insulin. Yet, the average annual cost of insulin went from $2,864 in 2012 to $5,705 in 2016 to $12,000 in 2022. That’s a 17,142% markup.😳 That isn’t inflation. It isn’t supply chain issues. It is 100% corporate greed. #MakeInsulinFree
Insulin is about 10x as expensive in the US as it is in the rest of the world - that seems like something that needs to be dealt with.
Also, those numbers seem entirely made up. There's a 2017 study that looked at the total cost of diabetes, and that puts the annual average per capita cost of insulin at 600USD. Which matches quite well with 2020 figures of on average ~100USD per vial.
Maybe OP is looking at the average cost of dealing with diabetes, not just the insulin component of it, I don't know. The meme still needs to die.
Totally. The news media should focus much more on random dudes on Twitter fulminating about the evils of capitalism and the imminent communist revolution or something.
It’s not normal for your news media to solely focus on two nearly-identical parties and debate their minor differences for hours on end.
I always thought jury instructions were done by the judge, not the defendant.
Jones: “Any compensation over $2 million will sink us, shut us down.”
This is pretty amazing.
“Do you know what perjury is?”
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Don’t ever use my art to defend some twitter-addicted lit scold who built their brand calling out books for Causing Harm while working at Lockheed Martin.
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idk who made this but every time i see it i laff
I dislike Thatcher as much as the next guy, but this is not cool, Tatler.
Tatler have succeeded where trans people have failed: they have successfully erased a woman
(yes, I know it's May they forgot)
"Suck on this, Elon."
The year is 2045. The first astronauts have landed on Mars. They find a cave with a human skeleton. And 4 words are written on the wall. What are the four words
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This must be the greatest typo ever.
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Britain Battles Heat Wave By Turning Up London Eye To Highest Setting bit.ly/3Pl9p2J
You see, body shaming someone is a-ok if you're *also* claiming their parents are siblings.
“don’t body shame elon because people that look like him will see it” im sorry but i simply don’t believe anybody but elon has this incest induced superdome of a rib cage
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I have no idea.
what the fuck was he supposed to bring her this is driving me insane
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