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Deoria, Uttar Pradesh
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I said the same @AnupamMittal Sir However I always buy their products from Flipkart Grocery They are the best #SharkTankIndiaS2 #SharkTankIndiaSeason2 #SharkTank #sharktankseason2 @sharktankindia
Zoff Products I use it and buy from Flipkart I don't think they need 1 cr Or something They came to @sharktankindia for promotion Many people use and dey knw about this company #SharkTankIndia #SharkTankIndia #SharkTankSeason2
News anchor Koi to paisa dete hi rahega...
Hello tweeple, if you were financially free what would you be doing right now?
तुम्हारे पांव के नीचे, कोई जमीन नहीं कमाल यह है कि फिर भी तुम्हें यकीन नहीं… #NarendraModi #LokSabha #NarendraModiSpeech #ParliamentSession #ParliamentOfIndia #Parliament
Hey Flexible team We during our Jobs we saw your products and even studied under NANO TECHNOLOGY products @sharktankindia #SharkTankIndiaS2 #SharkTankSeason2 #ShartankIndia
Not a single Anchor have the gits to say GOV and their Agencies SHOULD CHECK ADANI if there are any truths or not Subah se bas justify krne me lage hue hai Congress ke samay ye tha wo tha Rahul Ji ye bole Congress ye kiya News dikha rahe ya paisa dekh kar bik gaye?
Congress must withdraw all tenders with Adaniji If they do it, it will affect their vote banks Otherwise Mr. AK said it Sab mile huye hai ji
The male au pairs of Rahul Gandhi are yet again giving him wrong advice, in going after Adani even as the latter, having invested 80,000 cr in Congress ruled States, continues to mine coal in Chhattisgarh and transport it to Rajasthan to make electricity.
I seriously think sometimes How come Supremecourt Just take out time for BLUE TICKS celebrities (to sum-up together) so easily Ek aam aadmi ki zindagi nikal jati hai case ladne me
Supreme Court has dismissed a plea by Rana Ayyub challenging summons issued to her for an alleged financial fraud totalling crores meant for slum dwellers. Democracy is dead. Join me on a candlelight march from the Washington Post office to United Nations building, Lodhi estate.
Hey Gavin Paris Try and compare your products with TISTABENE Much better design and Very Good quality products Bring them in with your brand #GavinParis #SharkTankIndiaS2 #SharkTankIndiaSeason2 #sharktank2 @sharktankindia
Hey @RBI don't you think we customer should have a CARE NUMBER so that we can directly talk to bank representative for our problems and solutions like they do Pick the phone and call unlike we be like idiots pressing 1 2 and 3 then call geta disconnected Please sochiye
How to talk and contact customer care? @Paytm @Paytmcare @PaytmBank
Zoff Products I use it and buy from Flipkart I don't think they need 1 cr Or something They came to @sharktankindia for promotion Many people use and dey knw about this company #SharkTankIndia #SharkTankIndia #SharkTankSeason2
Ok Sir
Pervez Musharraf, the butcher of Kargil responsible for the death of 527 of our brave Jawans and 453 Pakistani soldiers - the mortal remains of 73 of whom he refused to take back - is dead. Any conscientious Indian or Pakistani glorifying him today is a traitor to his nation.
Suprised why we don't have many shows for DAMAN movie #Deoria #Daman Makers and distributors kuch karo