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Bromelain: Under what circumstances and for how long should an unvaccinated person take it? I will not assume medical advice. Looking for sources and personal experience/advice.
This will only create more hesitancy to go to the doctor for routine wellness visits.
The CDC is creating ICD-10 codes for your COVID vaccination status even though it's not a disease or injury. There will now be a mega data grab to see who is delinquent or has had the COVID vax!…
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Friendly reminder that the people calling for: Censorship of free speech World war Mandatory injections Mass abortions Destruction of the family unit Abolishing religion Gun confiscation Grooming children …have never been the good guys
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💥 New preprint out today We conclusively demonstrate that mutational events caused by molnupiravir treatment can be seen in globally sequenced SARS-CoV-2 genomes, in some cases with onwards transmission. 🧵…
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Any other AT&T email users getting locked out of their accounts for no reason? Technician says YES. Why? @ATT
People are tiring of everything being a “bombshell”. It sounds cheap and fake.
BOMBSHELL REPORT: Laptop emails Reveal Hunter Biden Was Receiving CLASSIFIED STATE DEPARTMENT BRIEFINGS on a Regular Basis..…
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I transcribed this, please let me know if there are any errors. Does the CDC have this data or has it failed to collect it?
He was 55. Cowan died of glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive form of brain cancer he was diagnosed with in December 2021.…
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FDA Director Jerry Weir Says It Is 'Unknown' How the COVID Vaccines are Affecting T-Cell Memory "I don't even think we know whether the T-Cell response is a CD4 T-cell response, a CD8 response...I'm just saying there's a lot that's unknown."
Trinity passed away on January 17. Out of respect for her family, school officials are not saying how she died. But what is clear is how much Trinity meant to her community.…
The proof the Veritas video is true will be his firing. Will that happen or will Pfizer keep him in his position without comment? Will we hear what happens?
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Receipts. It’s shocking how many people have ignored, dismissed, or selectively forgotten this detail.…
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Have you "turned" on this ridiculous claim yet? Or are you still hanging on to it? What was the basis of your assertion?
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Tetanus lasts a long time. Check out the research from Portland on it:…
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I lost my restaurant because a man sat down. Can you believe it? He was unvaccinated & only allowed to stand. I let him sit. It still blows my mind. What’s even harder for me to believe is how many people think I got what I deserved because I let a man sit down.
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crazy the variety of illnesses and deaths these mrna shots cause.
Ok. Still pre-omicron data. C’mon people. This is not relevant for decision-making in 2023.
Sure, it can be confusing. But clarity: heart defects caused by #COVID19 #vaccines are very rare and usually mild. In contrast, heart disease caused by #SARSCoV2 infection are serious, too often deadly.…