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After the passing of #QueenElizabethII the realisation of that we must have the worst set of mp's in Westminster during my life time.
With the World Cup this mid season perhaps the European Club competitions should have been delayed until the end of season and then trial some kind of Club Summer Tournament
Heard Phil Jones is fit and raring to go for the weekend !!!
If this gets called off and others don't Klopp will go berserk 馃檹馃檹 full meltdown
Negotiations ongoing over London games this weekend - there are huge concerns over sufficient police, especially a fixture that requires the policing that Chelsea-Liverpool does.
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Seeing kids go back to school this week without a good " short back and sides" #BacktoBasics
On a serious note @talkSPORT you employ @trevor8sinclair knowing his previous convictions and behaviour. As a responsible employer you should be checking if he's wife is OK.
Megan has already sorted Harry's funeral attire #RIPQueenElizabeth
Are Liverpool Home or Away tonight? This tweet doesn't clear it up for me 馃槈
Fans should not congregate in public areas and should avoid becoming isolated in areas away from the port area of the city. We strongly recommend you avoid the city centre. If you chose to visit, please beware that you may be targeted for theft, robbery, or assault.
Wall to Wall coverage next week from #SkySportsSpews and #TalkShite on Ronnie looking pleased for #Antony scoring today? Don't hold your breath.
United had what, one hour to sell Maguire back to Leicester after the game, come Murtagh pull your finger out 馃槈 #ManUtd
A few wins and a "midget" central defender help keep clean sheets.... I can feel the ABU's organising a meeting soon. Seemed #Jenas had already started on commentry
safe to come out Phil Jones, got to be 2nd only to the Glazers in taking money from the club for doing nowt. #TransferDeadlineDay
Cavani signed for Valencia this week, he likes an extended holiday doesn't he, probably pissed of at the state of Utd but chucked the towel in in his last season. Think he does it at most clubs he's at,
I'm sure the Jlingz will turn this around..... oh he's been dropped 馃 how dare Forest treat TikTok superstar like this
In town at 8.30 this morning, a G4 van pulled up in front and a large refrigerator lorry pulled up behind full of Traditional Cornish Pasties, as both opened up I genuinely had to think hard that if I was to pick one to rob which one would it be? I decided the Pastie. #fatbastard
A " Stevie G" post match interview after another loss is entertaining.... A bit like his playing career he's made up to be a lot better than he is/was. Like to see Neville and Carragher do an interview with him next week in the same tone.
Anyone else looked at the fixtures to see where we'll win the league this year馃槈 #ManUnited
Nice to see the defence celebrate a tackle or clearence like scoring a goal" "Just like a team that's going to win the Premier League...." NURSE!!!
Phil Jones still playing "hide and seek" in the weeks leading up to Transfer Deadline Day. #ManUnited