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bbmas voting thread for myself
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canola is the highkey racist girl
if they went to the same school, who do you think the mean girls are? 馃槶
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*that post break up filler
oh she has that break up glow
whew just cleared 5 low life ho es here and it feels good
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Let鈥檚 put this to the test. Retweet for Mia, like for Wendy #RHOP 馃尭
seeing the clip, mia throwing her drink @ wendy was too much, but what wendy said about mia鈥檚 husband was below the belt. wendy was acting a victim and battling gizzy last season bc she attacked her husband, but now she did the same and yall wanna be on wendy鈥檚 side? get a grip馃拃
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Interesting that Robyn was the one checking in on Wendy after season 5 consistently (something none of the others did). She's closest with Charisse. Never had an issue with Candiace. And Mo came at Robyn first. I love people rewriting history to fit a narrative. 馃槀
I don鈥檛 want to be the one to say it, but I truly believe in my heart Robyn has the most issues with darker skinned black girls. Both her issues with Mo and Wendy are literally unfounded. #RHOP
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馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 girl bye
yes 8 hours is an insane amount of time to spend on your feet making/taking orders in one day while you鈥檙e a full-time college student
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my jaw dropped at both clips bro LMFAOOOOO鈥
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this was so unnecessary馃槶馃槶馃槶
looks like someones jobless and reporting my tweets to get me suspended but it aint working boo馃槏 gosh to havr a secret hater, must be a b**** too馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
thats not how it works but ok
fun fact from a doula ; all breastmilk is customized just for that baby. the baby鈥檚 saliva sends a message to a mother's brain to find out what nutritional needs the baby needs. and the breastmilk will adjust to fit that need. the human body is amazing.
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Muhammad Ali lost years of his prime due to his anti war stance and Djokovic is scared of a needle. Not the same
Two sporting icons. Two different eras. But there is one huge similarity between Muhammad Ali and Novak Djokovic. They stuck to their principles even when the world was trying to shut them down. They have both transcended sport with their bravery when under fire.
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yall americans complain everytime even over a joke, loser
people like this need serious help i鈥檓 not even joking
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lmaooo this drag is actually funny
This tweet is unavailable
girl that鈥檚 just bc he鈥檚 skinny馃槶馃槶
can you notice how taehyung has that line that makes you know he does exercise every day to have some very hard and sturdy pectorals ?
yall really dont got nun goin on huh
the quotes are so damn ignorant, it's not about the actual dress. it's about the meaning. marilyn was used all her life, she hardly had anything that was truly her own. This dress, it was hers. it was designed specifically and ONLY for her. now it's ruined.
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some of yall are just coocoo the coco puffs i really wanna smack yalls heads
it鈥檚 just a dress鈥 no wonder yall are so damn stupid and useless
the back of marilyn鈥檚 jfk dress now鈥 it feels illegal
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