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Rep. @laurenboebert: "We should restart the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, overturn Biden's energy leasing moratorium and expedite permits for pipelines and natural gas exports. [...] The solution is very simple – drill, baby drill."
The Keystone XL pipeline was intended to ship CANADIAN oil to refineries on the gulf coast. Further, little of that oil would actually be used for fuel in the US, because the quality is not appropriate for gasoline.
usa probably gets money off the profit from Canada it's a partnership. keystone was almost built I'm on canadian end haha, than stopped instantly. yes this was not a usa thing but a million barrels of oil a day, to the global market would lower the global prices alot
It would've been completed until 2030. It would've carried sand sludge. Not used for refining gas. You may be on the Canadian side, but you're uneducated on this one. Love it when a know it all, knows nothing. Almost done, research is the key. Wow
1… it was initially a 4 year project, and they had 2 years construction. keeps getting delayed due to environmental reasons, so I dont know how you got it take 8 more years to complete and crude oil (tar sands) is refined into petroleum and many products
Again it would've been completed until 2032, that's a fact. It would've carried sand sludge. Not desirable for gas. From the pipeline executives. It's common knowledge. A retired head of a refinery said,"no respectable refinery would touch it. Too corrosive and used in blacktop.
completion date on keystone in my opinion from what they say on our end would take a year or two. cant find updates as its cancelled before biden it was set to operational for 2022/2023. but the idea that we are sending sand down a pipeline that's useless is incorrect

Apr 1, 2022 · 5:24 PM UTC

It was initiated in 05, first phase didn't get completed until 2010. It had 5 more phases. Projected to be completed in 2030. The sand tar sludge is too expensive to refine into fuel. That's just simple facts
It's not sand. Man, you really need to research this.