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This is Miyamoto San, we are pleased to announce that Mario will be smoking a fat joint in the new film
Muppets aren鈥檛 a subspecies of mammal or reptile They are a seperate organism Flora Fauna Fungus AND FELT!!!
in this world you eitha a muppet or a man which are you
Landlords should get a real job
The 鈥渓iberal鈥 鈥溾渕edia鈥濃 is controlling the minds of the people and is telling them to 鈥渟top鈥 going 鈥済oblin mode鈥
Why are there no TUTORIALS for my SPECIFIC NEEDS
I know you COULD add grizz but I鈥檇 prefer it it was a hyperrealistic bear with amour
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Practicing my nardwuar impression
Burger be like: Berk bm Berk bkn
If you try to put everyone in the same box nobody fits
Gen z is old enough to make content for gen Alpha, please be funny because it鈥檚 gonna influence the younger kids humour and what we find funny now will be mocked and reposted as ironic satire
Big chungus will return the same way doge returned as a satire of older humour
I just said 鈥渢eeheehee鈥 irl. like straight up. I am becoming a cartoon character
Pro tip, don鈥檛 eat shampoo 鈽癸笍
SJW cringe compilation #44576 | CRINGE L馃ぎBERAL wants BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS? (Woman moment)
Baum DOO bau Baum DOO WAAH
I poisoned my friend prank (gone wrong?) (he didn鈥檛 die??)
Having big phone is for nerds