58% support for mobile voting
As part of his new push for mobile voting in D.C., @bradleytusk commissioned a poll on whether voters would support it. That poll had a few other questions, including one on @MayorBowser and the overall direction the city is headed in. (The poll was of 500 likely voters.)
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“Unhackable” is probably not the best way to present this information…

Dec 2, 2021 · 11:23 PM UTC

Replying to @HackingButLegal
My very non-expert infosec brain knows "unhackable" is an illusion. Everything can be hacked, it's just a question of how many resources are available, how much effort/time it will take, and how valuable the data you're stealing is
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Yeah, I get it. But generally don’t want to reinforce the perception that such a solution exists today; the question is a thought experiment.