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Unabashed liberal. Black lives matter. Equal rights for all. Skeptical agnostic. I believe in science. Retired software engineer. Cat lover.

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As a member of the U.S. House Homeland Security Commiittee, I’m trying to understand how Marjorie Taylor Greene is allowed to also serve on this committee when she’s advocating for a traitorous secession. Oh that’s right, it’s because Kevin McCarthy has no spine. --Robert Garcia
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“History matters. And Black history matters. We have to learn everything: the good, the bad, the truth, and who we are as a nation. That’s what great nations do. And we’re a great nation.” --@POTUS
One thing you bet your life on, you will not read reports of President Biden asking, “Do they like me?” before sending aid to the areas affected by the tornados. Unlike TFG, he doesn’t see the duties of his job as being transactional; he just does what he thinks is right. retweeted
"The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ... is no longer with us, but he is still celebrated today because his works provided so many out-of-context quotations for White people to use to explain why it is not important to fight racism any more"
Apparently, for Republicans, the proper time to indict a Republican President (or former President) is the same as the proper time to discuss mass shootings: never.
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Rumor has it that law enforcement officials are working feverishly this weekend to construct a pair of unusually small handcuffs, for some reason.
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How is kneeling more disrespectful to the flag than draping it over a pile of shit?
Mike Pence: “I know history will hold Donald Trump accountable.” Also Pence: “But don’t expect me to hold Donald Trump accountable. I can’t be bothered to testify before a grand jury, because I am a coward.”
“The American people have a right to know what took place at the Capitol on January 6th,” Pence added. “Make no mistake about it, what happened that day was a disgrace, and it mocks decency to portray it any other way.” “But I am not going to help the American people find out.”
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There’s not “liberal” and “conservative” news. There’s the news, based as close as we can get on the facts and the truth, and then there’s propaganda, filled with lies and distortions to serve a political end. Fox is the latter.
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What corporate America says: “No one wants to work anymore.” The truth: No one wants to be exploited anymore.
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Anecdotes aren't data, and who you are personally acquainted with is not a sound basis for governance. What a clown.
Minnesota Republican state Sen. Steve Drazkowski on bill providing free school breakfast and lunch: "I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that is hungry. Yet today. I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that says they don't have access to enough food to eat." #mnleg
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Walgreens caves, and won’t sell abortion pills in states where it is legal. So much for putting a priority on the health of their customers. Republicans across the country are doing everything possible to take away the right to reproductive freedom. They must be stopped.
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The GOP: For government so small it can fit right inside a uterus.
Government should be so small you don’t even realize it’s there.
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I would pay good money to watch Tommy Tuberville take the SAT on live television
Tuberville: All of this woke, transgender athletes, CRT, 1619. We don't teach reading, writing, and arithmetic anymore. You know half the kids in this country, when they graduate, can’t read the diploma.
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