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very same democracy ousted fro from center to Punjab state for Public Good! months before Gujarat Elections Hardik Patel leaves and Rahul left for London. Because congress is party of clowns 馃ぁ
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ELECTION JEET LE PEHLE Fir badbadana.... Congress party of clowns 馃ぁ
Boot Lickers of congress are not able to diss Modi as he cut down petrol prices so they are fully attacking a WOMAN. Congress and their bootlicker all are clowns 馃ぁ
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She comes out as elitist who jate Bwood for not being gora as french or firang.. As if Indian cinema will never be Big for her. Cannes also featured Indian legends Chetan Anand, Bimal Roy, Satyajit Ray but perhaps for her even they are not BIG for being brown men maybe.
She must be very disappointed for not having a paid job of a critic in these firangi markets. Also, despite being busy with BIG firangi bootlicking she did get time to diss Indian locals at Cannes. This is reaching everywhere more than her entire career's work.
Maybe firangi are renting Pretentious Critics to diss Indians for free croissants from French Bakery
and yes we all know that is rented and it is driven by PR. they are able to do it because your BIG firangs have opened shops to get money. Why don't you ask you firangs to stop renting it? why lick their boots for promoting same activity and diss fellow indians alone?
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Chronology Samajhiye 1 Ignored People's demand for reducing excise on fuel 2 Blamed previous govts 3 Blamed states 4 Pressured oil companies to sacrifice their margins 5 Hoping prices will come down in time 6 lectured ppl on nationalism n cycling 7 People first jumla 馃ぁ
why you thanking? nirmala did this because sanghis want her out, she is next harshvardhan. Modi is not finding a worse candidate. Modi yesterday was shooting all crap from mouth except taking action of rising fuel price and inflation now he says 'people first'. FM PM = 馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ
Aunty Abhi aakal ayega aur fuel prices aur badhege.... aapne aata nahi juta paa rahi ho... food security is in deep problem... muh se toh suit buit ka modi bhi hag sakta hai(nirav modi).. aap toh kuch kaam karo.. abhi aapka ticket sanghi hi katwane wale hai.. next harshvardhan
Boot Licker uncle Inko bolo subsidy fixed nahi 50% of market price karne ko..Petrol par se tax zero karo... aur use bhi subsidize karke 35 rupey la karo... Kyunki yahi 2014 ka jumla tha aur sabko pata hai ki abhi fuel ke prices aur badhege... Abhi aakal bhi aane wala hai.. bolo
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Yaha par super heroine hokar jhansi ki rani, thalaivi aur agni jaise roles me flop ho rahi hai.. hollywood kya kisi bhi foreign industry me mushkil hoga survive karna. yaha toh kichad fek ke star ban jaoge waha drama screen teste chahiye.. PR me nahi
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This movie is being liked by many weak souls because it is better than HP2. I think Bollywood intentionally bring worst and worst crap so standards be so low that people get SURPRISED by mediocrity.
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says a youtuber whose reviews are either correlated to opening day trade stats or his personal liking for people involved(in that case, either he wants to support good nepotism or mediocre outsiders)
Jai shree raam bolte hai toh seh lo desh ke liye thora.. nahi uncle.. This you govt your railways.. aone hi desh ke liye aisi batein.. Positive raho... Ek ke ticket par kitno ko travel mil raha hai... isse badhiya socialism kya ho sakta hai nahi? 馃ぁ
The politician went to Cannes so he can get photos clicked by Papparazis. He has ZERO contribution im the good of cinema in India. In last 8 years. Indian Cinema has fallen in terms of screens for Independent and Art cinema, in terms of gross income in commercial cinema
The biggest highlight of the politician is to instigate hatred in society He encourages people to chant hateful slogans against minorities in his country鈥
In Telecom sector also, Indians invited foreign telcos to invest in India with Indian partners abiding by their own conditions. After 10 years, they cancelled all license saying their is 2G scam. All foreign companies left in heavy losses and then they said 2G was not a scam.
Indian Politicians are good in only 1. Spilling venom and hatred 2. Shooting crap from mouth(They create language divide in country but will lick your boots in French) 3. Lying to get your money and opportunity to be photoed and feel like kings. Nothing else, They are Thugs.
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