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Joined December 2019… so.sqyastters can take a woman house by force n the owner can t do anything who on earth make szuch a law it need to be repeal @JoeBiden what is your work buddy
Nepal need a separate rescue team who.can handle such tradegy with strategy .. today whether opl.could have saved or nt..deapite so early know the crowd mgmt..n the team to do such was a failure ... late rescue a big no @RabiLamichhane1 @kantipur @KanakManiDixit
The passengers who were aboard the ill-fated aircraft that crashed in Pokhara earlier today have been identified. #Pokhara #YetiAirlines myrepublica.nagariknetwork.c…
Pls change to.a better sub it us killing us with ai.translations ... viki.has subbed now for God sake
A fated encounter shines all my summer🌟 = Hello, My Shining Love = Premieres TONIGHT Only on WeTV🥳🥳 starring #JoeChen #JinHan #ChenYouwei #WangZixuan #遇见璀璨的你 #陈乔恩 #金瀚 #陈宥维 #王子璇 #WeTVAlwaysMore
Atleast he quit t imes now
Such restrained, mature reporting and reaction to police action for merely doing his job. @Ankit_Tyagi01 stands out as an anchor who doesn’t shriek to be heard and doesn’t resort to hysteria to get his point across.
I ask u can i say nasty bad tweets to u or ur family do u even read his old tweets..isnt his recent member a .. So asking him abt his bad tweet why isn't that fair if u can ask.modi abt his tweet before 2014. Jeasouky why would cong supported feel .
Replying to @DilliDurAst
Besides, one has to say @TheLallantop is a great success and yes, quite balanced. There is no doubt many would like to bring down @TheLallantop and @saurabhtop out of sheer jealousy. But Sauarbh demolishes their agenda with large heartedness.
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Now he see losing
Ahead of Congress presidential polls, #ShashiTharoor says party leaders carrying out an uneven playing field. (@mausamii2u ) #CongressPresidentialPolls…
Their own team.memeber tweet elite n some.opl.will.make it bigger @bui
Sony zee merger approved with certain modifications
Full of nonsense why should anyone who name or what is his problem .. does anyone need it permission ...
My friend @gauravcsawant in his full elements here 👇
So certainly @Gelb
(LoP Mallikarjun) Kharge Ji is my senior. I went to his residence y'day & told him that I won't file my nomination if he's filing (for #CongressPresident). He said that he won't be filing. Afterwards, I got to know via press that he is a candidate: Congress leader Digvijaya Singh
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If it is true @ajaymaken should go
तय हो गया था..@SachinPilot 2 अक्टूबर को सीएम की शपथ लेंगे.. अभी भी आदेश बरकरार!!
Sir now whstbhspoebed no tweet
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कहीं ये खबर देखी किसी ने। रहिए यहां पुख्ता, पक्की और बिना लाग-लपेट के खबर मिल जाएगी। वो भी डंके की चोट पर।
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Agreed but did high command say only s achin will be accepted ..dodnt was closed by gelhot n observer send so that mla.cluod choose the cm..yes high wanted sachi n bit it want like rubber stamp.too. if gelhot Can.revolt like these.wonder how.he cn
High command culture challenged by Gehlot and his loyal MLAs. Congress high command too weak to dictate who the CM will be. Those days are over.
The wide rules also say the past that line outside the called wide but the umpire says if u mover toward the offside where u can hit that is no wide ..that so asks 1st is the rule too @cricketaakash
Been thinking about this & another argument that I don't understand is: "Bowler never intended to bowl the ball", "What if it is intentionally done?" Shouldn't the bowler's intention be to take wickets for their side? Like how batter's intention is to anticipate & score runs?
If Sony couldn't win the ip l n.icc in today money I wonder will they have the guts to go more than now. I don't think so . So as I believe ip l on sony will never happen unless the new mgmt.decides to go at any costs but it will be hard too for goyal. So it's now or never for th
I am die hard fan of Sony but late of i am disappointed too much. @SonyTV
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