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talking about school & music. Reached into our world. When rule makers are rule breakers trust crumbles to games of punishment.

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Randomly decided to watch some one Saturday morning from 2001 on YouTube and I'm in deep appreciation of how much the theme song to Pepper Ann has the musical vibe of early to mid 2000s Blink 182 and Brand New.
There was a discovery made that writing in a handwritten journal without any intention of publishing or sharing that journal is good, and writing online with no audience as if one is writing in a journal is much less good, perhaps even bad.
If a third colored checkmark gets released I'm going to either leave Twitter or find all those memes with different fake colored people fighting each other from 2020.
Congrats on being sober for a whole day tomorrow, I believe in you. Time is the reason sobriety befalls a person who stops getting unsober, so that's why tomorrow is unknown now and known when it's here.
Shout out to everyone who still does their homework for school, or even ppl who just started doing their homework, even though COVID made the future feel scary and uncertain to so many people.
What would make it into something fun, and less scary and embarrassing, if Twitter snooped in my phone but my life is actually kind of embarrassing?
I do this stupid thing where I act casual towards girls I feel casual about and serious towards girls I feel serious about and it seems like when I'm serious I'm usually less well liked. :/
I've literally never seen the commercial with the Indian shedding a single tear, I just heard about it in school.
Idiot pilot is awesome. Idk if I like the song sparkplug or poolshark better though.
The essence of the vibe is presently eccentric. #GenZ
I'm gonna be honest, late 90s and early 2000s happy hardcore techno is pretty goofy.
Got that lyric from that one brights eyes song stuck in my head that goes, "whatever sells, will decide".
Wait did they mean, publicity stunt, when they said, "stuntin is a habit get like me"?
Super stoked I just found an extra blanket that I put on top of a bookshelf at the end of last winter.
Loyal to my hate is another good wumpscut song.
The squirrels around here are going frikkin chonkers.
Wreath of barbs is one of the best songs by wumpscut imo.
Congrats in advance to everyone planning to stay sober over the holiday. I believe in you. 💪🏻👏🏻🎉
I'm bookmarking all the posts I see with ppls #hive info in it.
Getting confused and eating instead of going to bed when you're tired. ⁉️😵🤔