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If angel, why sinful body?
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I want it but my game won't open :'(
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Satan the avatar of greed now 😂
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Can we get side character songs tho 👀
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OMG Devs I was dying, I hated that you were teasing us with an anime but but y'all pulled a reverse uno 😭💕 thank you so much obey me devs!!!
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I know its a prank but I really don't want it to be a prank 🥺
Me too and I've been stuck here for a while 😭
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HONESTLY, we need help man
Worth the wait, thank you king 🤧
If Biden wins I’ll record myself as Hawks saying this
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I love you and your books Marie, I have no doubt this will be a masterpiece!!!
I'm so excited!!!!
Time for a signed+personalized hardcover giveaway. 💜💙 3 books will go to US folks, 2 will go internationally. To enter on Twitter, just retweet this! Now I scurry away. (Working on a sekrit project today 😱❤️) #ReadSkyhunter #Sept29
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I can't wait to get my hands on FIFAS, you're my favorite author 😍!!!
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You better not be killing any of my darlings 😭 But Sabaa, do you know if A Torch Against The Night is going to have a re print in hardcover too??! I need to have them all 😭😭😍😍😍
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I needed that, thank you for looking out for us ❤❤