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This ought to calm F1 Twitter down
UPDATE: The FIA won’t conclude analysis of financial submissions today. New date given is Monday 10 October #F1
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SEA 48 - 45 DET Final That's Scorigami!! It's the 1073rd unique final score in NFL history.
STILL UNDEFEATED! For the first time since 2004, the @Eagles are 4-0 🔥
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Explains why I wasn't sure what to do. Was a toss up #JAXvsPHI
---> JAX (14) @ PHI (14) <--- PHI has 4th & 1 at the JAX 12 Recommendation : 🤷 Toss-up (+0.3 WP) Actual play: 👉 J.Hurts up the middle to JAX 10 for 2 yards (J.Allen).
If only cricket had the equivalent of a safety car they could throw out for some manufactured excitement at the end of a one-sided game
Wasim bowled by Willey, it's a damp squib end to the series for the hosts #PAKvENG
That has to be a penalty for overtaking under VSC surely #SingaporeGP
Is someone from Ferrari on secondment at Red Bull this weekend or something?
#F1 #SingaporeGP According to Olav Mol. -Verstappen was on a flyer with purple sectors 1&2. -Team told him to back off so he would be the last one to cross the line for a final flyer. -During cooldown lap, team miscalculated fuel level. -Verstappen had to abort. P8 #MsportXtra
This is all going to be very Saracens "Oh we didn't realise that allowing someone to live rent free in a home owned by RB Estates counted on the budget cap" - or other clever little ruses people will use to get around it
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Can you tell us, did RB breach the budget limit or not? Helmut Marko: "No I can't comment at the moment, it's an ongoing process. From our point of view, no!" #SkyGermany
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Pls share to stop confusion. THERE IS NO £2,500 CAP ON ENERGY BILLS. Instead the new 1 Oct guarantee, like the old caps, limits - Daily charge (28p gas, 46p elec) - & Unit rates (10p/kWh gas, 34p/kWh elec) So use more, pay more. £2,500 is just what someone with avg use'd pay
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See this is why I'd never be PM. High inflation means interest rates need to go up. It just does. There isn't some "make all our problems go away" button that you can push. But of course you can't say that to people
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Final interview over on Radio Stoke “Have you taken the keys and crashed the economy?” “What we’re done is take Decisive Action on energy… reduce inflation by up to 5 points” “So now people are worried about mortgages, and that will dwarf anything else”
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Classic. "My taxes should be cut but not other people's"
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Scrapping 45p rate, removing bankers bonus cap & axing corporation tax hike overwhelmingly seen as wrong priority Public supportive of other measures such as cutting income tax & national insurance
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At this point just rename us Englandnil
We've reached the break at Wembley ⏸️ Raheem Sterling has looked dangerous for the Three Lions 🦁 Joshua Kimmich's low drive late in the first half provided the best chance for the visitors 🇩🇪 📻 Listen to commentary on @5liveSport & @BBCSounds Follow ⬇️ #BBCFootball
Why are we so brainless? Yes it's only 20 overs but stop throwing your wicket away #PAKvENG
They only said Exeter had a 99% chance of a win, they didn't tell you how that win would come about #EXEvHAR
Why do places like the Express focus on the lapped cars issue? The biggest problem was that he brought the safety car in a lap before the rules allowed, and that Mercedes call not to pit was heavily influenced by the fact that rule meant the race was unlikely to restart
Oh that's a proper sh*thouse way to do it. Stopping halfway through your delivery stride might be legal you can tell she knows it's not right. And I'm someone that's generally fine with Mankadding
A controversial ending but...India win by 16 runs and complete a series sweep against England. 🇮🇳
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"Anything could be built anywhere" Let's hope. Much better than the "nothing gets built anywhere" approach we've had up to now
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If they carry out their plans nowhere will be safe. This map shows legally protected areas in purple and orange (the SACs and SPAs) mapped on to districts, in green, that want investment zones. Places where anything could be built anywhere. And these are just the start. 4/13
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Wow, someone changing their mind after 10 years Christ, if I'm still doing stuff the same as I did 6 months ago in my job I'd be doing it wrong
In 2012, Kwasi Kwarteng wrote for the @iealondon that there should be a legal requirement to balance the “structural” budget every single year. This is the precise opposite of what he has just done. HT @PickardJE