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As real as it gets

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👏👏👏 eye for talent
I know we have Luke Shaw but I would really love this kid at Manchester United very soon. (Not saying he should or will replace) Tyrell Malacia. 19. LB. very exciting prospect to keep an eye out for. I suggest you keep an eye on this kid.
She tried lol! Blagger
I’ve never seen a salesman with this level of wordplay before.. he needs to drop a mixtape 😭🔥
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I'm just going to repeat this for the people in back An FBI official who investigated Trump for illegal ties to Russia but found none has just been arrested for his own illegal ties to Russia Internalize this
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Once you hit a certain age all you really want is God, Money, Family, Stability & Peace
Who is he? He dragged her ass for filth 👏🏽
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Johnny Depp was created for that Jack Sparrow role. Nobody can act it better
What actor was absolutely BORN for their role:
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The league is soooo lucky that Arteta didn’t get his hands on Mudryk loool
Is this the truest form of sportsmanship?
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😂😂😂😂😂 he does! Accurate description
Our Prime Minister talks to the nation like he’s a schoolteacher for 5 year olds.
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If the news is fake Imagine how bad history is
😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 audio is almost accurate in Portuguese
Remember when Partey made a mistake against spurs and Xhaka rectified it then proceeded to high five Partey? That's what a real leader do.. Who gave Bruno the armband?
2 feisty characters 😂 love the fact that it was in Portuguese
📸 - Antony & Bruno being a little annoyed with each other.
It's the "Fry fry fry" for me. 😂 🤣
Am surely getting a DNA test done.
Husband found his wife's OnlyFans page and arranged a date with her
Bruno/Rashford’s “offside” goal was not the first of its kind, but the media and rival will not tell you that!
The "climate crisis" is so serious that Bill Gates had a solar panel installed and bought an electric car. It's an existential threat but not serious enough to stop flying private jets, vacationing on yachts, and building mansions on the ocean.
Jus negodi…so, once you can convince yourself that you are a woman, you can walk into women’s locker room and start looking at naked women? Okay, guys, I’d you have any relative in a psychiatric home, please send them to America. US is admitting. Hurry!!!