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A Man for All Seasons - The Devil Speech invidious.fdn.fr/PDBiLT3LASk via @YouTube
Today I launched my first ever #AWS EC2 instance. It's running Apache. I've been a web developer for just over two years now yet seeing that 'Hello World' come back to me in the browser gives me a sense of wonder. A feeling of being capable of magic 🧙
Happy chemicals and how to activate them.
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2021 Resolutions #1 To set 2/3 yearly goals #2 Be kind to myself when something doesn't get done #3 To leave the phone in another room at night #4 Sunday will be my only news reading day #5 To throw away sugary treats left from the weekend
Note to self on React ⚛ testing - Unit tests, test your algo. Use Jest - Integration tests, test features. No backend. Use Jest + React testing lib - E2E tests, test app as a whole. Uses test database. Use Cypress
One of the worst things about #softwaredeveloper life is managing other people adverse reactions to feedback or suggestions about their code. Don't take it personally people 🙏🏼 #dev #javascript #100DaysOfCode
Tips for using useRef in React ⚛ - It's for keeping values around between renders. - Unlike useState, updating it will not trigger a re-render - It's a side effect so only update it inside useEffect or useLayoutEffect #reactjs
Advice to new coders 1. Less tutorials 2. Build sooner 3. Start with tiny projects and work your way to larger ones. 4. Try to practice everyday #coders #javascript
I used to looked up to people who achieved more than I. Got my head sorted, surpassed them, realised they weren't so smart after all and chased status; a thing I wasn't interested in. I just lacked the confidence and mentors earlier #developer #mentalhealth
An general observation of the tech companies I've worked in to date. This relates how pleasant the work atmosphere (a) was to how well their repos were documented (d) 👉 a ∝1/d #developer #coding
If the Agile Manifesto is about developers working to get things done and trusting them to deliver, why do weekly meetings with 'Agile' managers feel like an opportunity to humiliate. #agile
Found a great article on 'Conditional Types' by @djsheldrick that helped me write this bit of magic today. artsy.github.io/blog/2018/11… #typescrpt #javascript
Concrete mediators implement cooperative behaviour by coordinating several components #designpatterns
With #jamstack you have three hosting options. 1. Git based - good for devs. 2. Headless - good for large projects & non devs to use. 3. Self hosted - wordpress sites that have an API for your jamstack build process to use.
Day 3 of learning design as a developer. I re-designed a charity website. Hope you can figure out what was the 'before' and what is 'after' 😅 #figma #webdesign
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The view from Istanbul Library 😍
Applied what I've learnt about colour selection, grids and typography to create this dummy landing page today. I'm using #figma for #Webdesign
The #Sass product in your head is either an idea or a solution for something. Work on solutions to problems your potential customers are aware of.