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EXC: A Big intervention tonight - Gordon Brown calls for an immediate agreement between the leadership candidates and PM over an emergency cost of living package. He says it can’t wait - & dozens of civic groups are behind him with dire warnings. Story: theguardian.com/politics/202…
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It’s scandalous that Rishi Sunak funnelled public money away from deprived areas and gave it to affluent Tory shires. The Levelling Up Secretary needs to urgently investigate what changes were made to funding formulas and what justified the changes. ✍️ My letter to @GregClarkMP
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First Liz Truss says she’ll cut the pay of public sector workers outside London, now Rishi Sunak is boasting he fixed the rules to give taxpayers’ money to rich Tory shires. This leadership race is revealing the Tories’ true colours. Britain needs a fresh start with Labour.
EXC: @RishiSunak told Tories in Tunbridge Wells that as Chancellor he tried to reverse Treasury formulas "that shoved all the funding into deprived urban areas" so areas like theirs could benefit @NewStatesman story: newstatesman.com/politics/co…
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After 12 years of low growth, news of an October recession barely registers for this Conservative government — both the PM & the Chancellor still OOO.
🎥 As a former Bank of England economist, I know what it’ll take to get Britain back on track. Labour are the only party that can build the stronger, more secure economy we need.
The latest Conservative solution to the cost of living crisis: 'Sometimes you just have to go through difficult times' #CostOfLivingCrisis
Extremely excited to be going to cheer on the @Lionesses on Sunday 🏆 💪🏻 #ItsComingHome
Compare and contrast: While the Tories' investment allowance hands back billions to oil and gas producers, they refuse to act as the cost of living crisis grows. Only Labour can build a stronger, fairer economy and tackle the cost of living crisis.
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NEWS: It gets worse! I've just got uodated price cap predictions from @CornwallInsight. The latest spike in year-ahead wholesale price means the OCT cap prediction is now UP 78% (so £3,500/yr on typical bills) & likely up again in Jan. Its will be desperate. Intervention needed
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Sadly not just a problem confined to one area of England. This is a UK wide issue that’s adversely impacting our patients and our staff too despite the best efforts of everyone who are doing the best they can in truly challenging circumstances.
EXCL: This is the NHS as you’ve never seen it. 19 patients crammed on trolleys in corridors unable to get into a full A&E. 92 year-old May has been stuck on hers for 3 days. Outside, ambulances queue, delayed getting to other calls. Patients have died waiting. #ITVTonight
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The former Chancellor opposed this every step of the way since Labour proposed it in October - whipping Tory MPs to vote against it time after time. The Tories have nothing to offer. Labour are winning the battle of ideas in Britain.
Rishi Sunak has been accused of a “screeching U-turn” on tax cuts as he vowed to scrap VAT on energy bills for a year if he becomes prime minister Thread 🧵👇 telegraph.co.uk/politics/202…
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This underlines yet again how 12 years of Tory governments have failed our economy. To give Britain the fresh start it needs, we have got to take a new approach. Only Labour will deliver the strong, secure and fair growth our country needs. bbc.co.uk/news/business-6229…
That's Liz Truss tonight saying that she'd like to give Rishi Sunak a position in her government — and also that he's not fit to hold a position in government... #BBCOurNextPM
A spokesman for Liz Truss claims that Rishi Sunak is not fit for office: 'Rishi Sunak has tonight proven he is not fit for office 'His aggressive mansplaining and shouty private school behaviour is desperate, unbecoming and is a gift to Labour'