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Replying to @WestBelfastUPRG
As the P.IRA left the scene, only to be replaced by the SF organised crime group.
You will get a disciplinary after that post.
Replying to @BrianBoruNI
It was always going to pass and rightly so. Must be why O'Neill pushed for an assembly debate for Wednesday 🤣
Replying to @lucylocket1700
LOL that's the most absurd excuse I have heard in a long time, good grief.
Replying to @collumbo
SF OCG will do and say anything to get into Govt, just for the symbolism, but will set the country back years in all environments.
Replying to @DarranMarshall
SF OCG publicity stunt 🤣😂
Two egotists with the same hair style 😅
Replying to @paddymacc1
McDonald is and has only ever been concerned with herself, she would join anything that would fulfill her ego.
Only yourself to blame, you are certainly worthy of a PHD in hypocrisy.
Replying to @DrHaroldNews
Should it be what you get is ....
Replying to @markpower65
If they get a time in govt it will be a disaster for the country
Replying to @IrishUnity
Replying to @StephenMather6
No doubt advised before hand to kiss her arse
Replying to @cjhumanrights
Full of shite. Sure apparently it was housing the other week.
Suppose her Hutch connections will assist
Replying to @andreemurphy
Similar to a casement park incident would you say
Replying to @CllrMichaelLong
I'm assuming the minutes are available
Replying to @cjhumanrights
Let's see how that works 😂
Well at least she wasn't in the toilet at the time of the meeting I suppose