Cool to see so many of you finding, and hopefully improving, problems both in performance and your personal life. Performances environments, esp trading and poker, provide such tight feedback loops that you have the potential to improve your mental game at a higher rate.

Jan 19, 2022 · 12:42 PM UTC

That intensity also causes many problems, as it can cause you get overrun by emotion. But that's why these problems often first appear to you there and not in your life. The intensity draws your flaws out more and allows you to see the signals of them in bigger more obvious form.
Then you can turn your attention to how they show up in other aspect of life. Of course, many clients were well aware of how their performance issues showed up elsewhere. But most were able to improve themselves personally after having improved in trading, poker, golf, etc.
Important to keep in mind because cross-training - improving in multiple arenas can have an exponential effect on your rate of improvement across the board.