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There’s way too many of y’all who think rape only applies to overpowering women and taking by force. You have a jail cell waiting on you
You’re fried; her agreeing or disagreeing to his proposal on camera, transactional or not was consent. When she said no he split the check and was bout to go his own way. Predatory, weird, rude, un-chivalrous Yes. But rape no. Covid killed too many of your brain cells.
a knuckle dragging machismo ass mf…the fact y’all let what other bros do with their mind and body affect you 😂 y’all don’t even see how fem trait that is which is what you say you don’t exhibit
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How I thought the Mallory & Michael build up duel was going to be on AHS Apocalypse
Know wats coming next after the str8s show their 🕳
I live too naked for this the whole neighborhood seeing this 12 n cheeks
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C0ck??? Woulda went sawft and grabbed my keys
Staged he been said it
Mamas gonna mom no matter where tf they at
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Yes but better than the pipe our previous gen was addicted to
Is this generation addicted to sex or they using sex to cope with depression?
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Do us a favor and not act like people have never had their experiences and environment effect their mood …y’all really want these to be think pieces ain’t nothing disgusting about being stern that you do not want to be bothered ladies don’t owes you a smile #patriarchy
Do me a favor, get rid of the notion that having a bad day or being in a bad mood justifies disgusting behavior.
First off y’all calling them hoes says what type of person you are and yes when you cute af you get pressed all day long that don’t mean you deserve an answer with a smile like she gotta stay in Disney princess mode for y’all gargoyle ass nighas
Hoes like that stay with attitudes
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need my mutuals back ||
He didn’t click the complete I’m still saying it didn’t arrive 💅🏽
"Your driver got arrested ... So, I figured I'd complete the DoorDash (delivery) for you," South Dakota police officer Sam Buhr said to one member of the community.
I don’t speak Wookiee but I know what I heard
The Raiders season is a telenovela at this point
Las Vegas Raiders rookie Nate Hobbs was arrested for DUI in Las Vegas early Monday morning, TMZ Sports has learned.…
I think about this too 😂😂
If we all stopped paying bills at the same time, what are they gonna do????
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Just need y’all avi and profile pics to match the type you are irl on a serious level. Tired of engaging with bros just for it to turn out to be a uncle built hit nigga and even good lookin dl that end up being fem but present masc in apps
People say shit like this about racism and prejudice like Dr.King died of old age in his bed
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