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A hearty fuck you to everyone who believes best way to get over a rapidly mutating, potentially lethal virus which causes cell damage & no lasting immunity is to keep spreading a rapidly mutating, potentially lethal virus which causes cell damage & no lasting immunity.
This is how you fight back!
Nebraska lawmakers want to pass a law making it a crime for children to attend a drag show. Since her colleagues are *so* concerned about child safety, @NebraskaMegan offered an amendment banning kids from going to any “religious indoctrination” camps.…
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Imagine being so stupid that you think the way to become well is to catch a series of pathogenic diseases.
Just called ahead to the hotel I will be staying at next month for a big meeting. Do your windows open? No. Of course not. Why would you want fresh air while Covid spreads?? They supposedly have air filters upon request. #CovidIsNotOver
Replying to @RonFilipkowski
We'd like to remind Kari that we still host press conferences for those looking to cope with recent election losses. C'mon down Kari. We'd love to have you. 25% discount for every 5 election lawsuits you lose to. You're up to 10, so 50% off.
I just lit into a coworker who hadn’t realized I am still recovering from a bad case of Covid. She was whining about having to wear masks at customer sites. She mocked their policies. I lost it & verbally attacked her for her callousness. It’s not over FFS.
She’s our glamour girl, loves being photographed.
Classified documents found at Pence's Indiana home…
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Handy Tip For Kids In Red States: If there is an active shooter in your school, call 911 and report it as a drag queen sighting. Authorities will show up sooner.
I’ve had 5 vaccines and I’m currently employed as a paint can shaker at Lowe’s.
As a Democrat I have always felt that Biden was the lesser of evils, not my first choice for Prez. But FFS, he legit believes people are no longer dying of Covid. I hope we have a better candidate in ‘24 who understands science & public health issues.
“I sometimes underestimate it because I stopped thinking about it, but I’m sure you don’t: We lost 1 — over 1 million people in several years to COVID.” -@POTUS It’s clear you do not think about a pandemic that is killing roughly 4,000 a week, Mr. President. h/t @wsbgnl
Came home from a business trip w/ Covid. I masked everywhere except in my hotel room. Windows did not open, no fresh air ventilation. Sick guests around me, I could hear their extreme coughing through the paper thin walls. I mask in all public spaces, meetings, bathrooms, (1/ )
I never eat or drink on planes, wear N95 masks, avoid indoor dining, especially in winter. None of my coworkers were sick or are sick now thanks to my mask wearing. My family wasn’t sick & isn’t sick now (so far🤞) thanks to masking, ventilation & HEPA filters in every room. (2/)
The only place that I likely picked it up was the hotel. Contractors working in long term project we’re staying there. A number of them sick. Why is it so hard for hotels to understand the value of air flow?? I’m upgraded the air filters I travel with for next trip. (3/)
I’ve made a mini Corsi box but requires larger suitcase. I hope that helps. I’m calling ahead to make sure hotel has windows that open or can provide an air filter for my room. Risk mitigation can help and yet no one in my circles gives a shit, except my immediate family. (4/)
Vaccines help. Although, in my case, I still developed a pretty severe case. Brain fog is horrible. I couldn’t even drive my car if I wanted to. Cognitive skills suck right now. That’s my worst symptom now that the head pain resolved. (5/)
Come on. Air flow & filtration work! I want to be #DavosSafe too. Demand better from your employers. I’m taking my mini Corsi box with me to meetings despite their protests. Fuck ‘em. It’s my body my choice. (6/6)
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holy fucking shit, if an actor accidentally discharging a gun while rehearsing for a movie has you shitting bricks, wait until you hear about the teenager who asked his mommy to drive him across state lines so he could deliberately fire into a crowd of protestors
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Why are children told to go into schools covid positive but the elite at Davos are PCR tested and if positive their entry refused?
So much THIS 👇 We are a commodity to be discarded when we are no longer useful for the very rich. Meanwhile, they’re sitting in their safe ivory tower.
If you've been following me for a while you'll know that I bang on and on and on about hepa filters. Turns out the world's richest and most influential use them. Also, I suspect, improved ventilation. What do you spot in this picture? There are two things that leap out.
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