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I ask the question again. If you take away guns do criminals stop hurting people? NO because Evil will still commit evil. All you accomplish is take away peoples ability to defend themselves and families!
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It’s not. And we’re sick and tired of the continued inaction. That’s why we’re taking to the streets on June 11th to DEMAND change. Join us.
If you take away all the guns do criminals suddenly stop hurting people ? No because it’s not the gun it’s the criminal.
Cruz blames everything but guns for school shootings in NRA address trib.al/cz4dxnF
I am not always the biggest fan of the @NRA but the shooting that took place is in no way their fault. They didn’t make or tell the criminal to go commit murder.
I’m at the NRA Convention in Houston to DEMAND #MoreThanThoughtsAndPrayers from @SenTedCruz @JohnCornyn YOU can take action with all these angry Texans by texting “ACT” to 644-33. @MomsDemand @Everytown
If anything you can blame Democrats for pushing this idea that you have to soft on kids when in turns causes them to grow up with out being able to handle stress and they act out or doing something as sick as what we saw.
We need to stop saying it’s because of guns and start understanding it has more to do with how we raise are kids then anything. “ a daddy might be in the house but a father isn’t in the home “
Why should I give up my right because some nut job out there did something sick
Ban AR-15’s.
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A statue of Yasuke, an African slave, who arrived in Japan in 1579 and may have been the first black Samurai. bit.ly/3yoqoIo
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Denzel ain’t wrong.
This is what you get when the Democrats run everything
Newsom warns of mandatory water restrictions if Californians don’t reduce use hill.cm/CXNMPDI
If you can handle being offended by pronouns how are you going to handle the stress of war
U.S. Army Considering Letting Soldiers Change Base If Local Laws Offend Their Choice Of Gender dlvr.it/SQhy3f
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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" – George Santayana #ampFW
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RETWEET if you believe the government should have NO place in parenting our children.
Didn’t the left say they wasn’t brainwashing kids ?
This book for NYC school kids has AOC instead of ABCs trib.al/sdOxHbI
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Please help us congratulate Trooper Chad T. Canter, Ironton Post, Jackson District, who retired today after 28 years of service to the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the citizens of Ohio.
They want you to believe all gun owners are white men. It's a lie, and I'm proof. 1/3 of gun buyers in 2021 were women, many first-timers. We're arming ourselves and training with @NRA. Armed moms like me must speak out. We're fighting for the right to protect our families.♥️
How about we call on her to denounce BLM , CRT, Antifa
Pelosi calls on Republicans to denounce "great replacement" theory hill.cm/4VnMRs7
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By 20 weeks, babies have a heartbeat, feel pain, and have fully formed fingers, toes, noses, and lips. Protecting life is not a radical idea.
Mark my words. The New Democrats and @CNN talking points will be if you don’t support her you are a racist!
Watch what happens when Peter Doocy asks the new White House press secretary how raising taxes on the rich brings down inflation, as Biden tweeted last week. Big yikes.
This focus on the popular vote vs the electoral comes from the fact that Democrats fail to understand fairness and that America is a Republic and not a democracy