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Clearly takes a very special kind of monster to veto lunches for hungry kids in the morning and spend a fortune on furniture for himself in the afternoon. #MajorSleaze
EU Commission providing a helpful graphic to remind us of everything we’re losing today because of #Brexit A useful contrast to the Prime Minister’s bluster #BrexitDeal
#c4news Only 5 minute bulletins at a time of unprecedented national crisis. What genius planned this? @esmewren @c4newsteam @c4news @mattfrei @jonsnowc4 @johnstephen114
#newsnight Completely off air at a time of unprecedented national crisis. What genius planned this? @BBCNewsnight @maitlis @iankatz1000
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Attached is the advice from the Texas Medical Association on which activities carry the most risk of transmitting COVID-19 infection. Go to the bottom to see the activity that is counted riskiest of all - which we are all permitted to do from 6am tomorrow morning. Cheers!
Nice to see the local coming together to dispel perceptions and stereotypes of violence in black community. Maybe @metpoliceuk @SadiqKhan should get off their knees, and deal with these violent scumbags. #Brixton #London #BlackLivesMatter #Breaking
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#BlackLivesMatter #BLM You can't change the past. You can't change the present. But you can change the future. Removing statues is futile symbolism & a pointless distraction, proving how much easier it is to tear down and destroy than to build and improve.
Absolute #bombshell on #GardenersWorld last night with the surprise introduction of #Patty the yorkie. As if #Nigel has not suffered enough. Will this be a triumph or the worst new dog since #Scrappydoo? A nation holds its breath ...
Sad news about #Nigel. I knew #Patty would be the last straw. RIP. #GardenersWorld
"(or sent out)" So #MattHancock you didn't carry out 100,000 tests - or anything near that - today. You just moved the goalposts and got your craven scientists and #bbcnews and @bbcpm to go along with your lies. Meanwhile the deaths and new cases burgeon #covid19 #covid19uk
"Hey, hey, Boris J, how many people have you killed today?" #covid19 #cocid19uk
Blindsided by the Right: The #COVID19 Bible Acts 9:5 - "And the Lord said, I am #NHS whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee whose prick must get its kicks" #Boris #hypocrite #Easter No question #PPE #austerity
Today @Google is announcing that they will stop funding climate change denial. Go to for more info #AGreenerGoogle
Saw #FountainsofWayne at the #Astoria 13 years ago. The witty 'She's Got A Problem' will forever make me smile. & many other clever, droll pop songs. #RIPAdamSchlesinger
Is @realDonaldTrump the only war president whose first act was to surrender? #COVID19 #coronavirus #coronavirusuk
Italy probably three weeks ahead of us on #coronavirus. For those who haven't appreciated the problem yet, try these graphs… #coronavirusuk #COVID19
#coronavirusuk ... reminder that the virus is still out there waiting for another opportunity to pounce" ('Deadly Companions' [Crawford, 2007] #coronavirus #COVID19