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Saint Andrews, Scotland
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Was thinking this evening - independent Scotland, news on tv+radio would be all about Scotland. All the news about tories, Bj, truss, Brexit, hunt, Patel, Hancock, Gove, braverman, kwartang, harding, corruption, chaos, austerity - it’s somewhere else. Less stress and anguish 🙏
The Tory agenda Including disaster artist prime ministers, ministers of state, policies and leadership including Brexit and austerity. None of this was the electoral will of Scotland.
Bit of a long shot. Does anyone have a spare programme from last night’s #Scotland v #Ireland #SCOIRL match? Seem to have misplaced mine between buying and going into the ground. Always collect them from the games I go to. Will pay for it and postage! Cheers!
The Tory leadership contest is so disconnected for Scotland, it feels like it’s a contest for the latest Tory to try to stamp on our collective country ambition, prosperity and well-being. No win for Scotland
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Scotland, Interesting facts: Scotland has 97% of UK’s oil production, 50% of gas production, 98% of hydro power & 25% of Europe’s entire wind power potential. Scotland is a net exporter of oil, gas & electricity. Meanwhile Scotland has amongst the highest energy costs in Europe.
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Blaming Covid ills on overly “empowered” scientists who “screwed” the country with lockdowns is nasty, populist stuff from Sunak. My piece on how he’s debased himself with anti-lockdown posturing and lies.…
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Anti-Scottish #Hatespeech on GBnews from a Britnat/Australian vulgarian who, of course, works for the Daily Mail. Seems like they’ve ditched the “love bombing” tactics for this next Referendum. Well, at least they’re not pretending.
‘I did find one thing that gave me great hope…that over-stuffed little haggis Nicola Sturgeon’s country will be covered in rats’ The Daily Mail hack and BBC regular who served as William Hague’s press Secretary, Amanda Platell. #GBNews
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North Lanarkshire’s Labour Councillors have just voted in a Tory depute Provost. @AnasSarwar on May 20th; “no ifs, no buts, no coalitions with the Tories.” This is not what the people in NL voted for. Tories lost half their seats. Labour made no gains!
Hannah Brown
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the BBC narrative in this article mentions energy retail being the area of interest for the UK gov. This would be a massive error. The issue is with the companies selling it to the retailers, and who are milking highly inflated margins & profits…
There is a political change in #england brewing fuelled by abject failure & cynicism of the Tories, #sewage, busted flush of an economy, #torybrexit, #zombie govt, #Partygate and lies. All these #sewage MP tweets truly shock, shows how many Tory MPs were elected in England. #Yes
The Tories won a Westminster majority of 80. If Labour had won every Scottish constituency held by @theSNP, the Tories would have had a majority of… 80. If Labour had won *every* Scottish constituency, the Tories would have had a majority of 68. Scotland is not the problem.
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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland is a nation with enormous potential, but we're being held back by Tory governments we don't vote for. 🗳️ Instead of putting up with Westminster's damaging decisions, let's put Scotland's future into Scotland's hands. 📺 Watch and share our latest film.
Back to #freakonomics with rising interest rates intended to reduce spending at a time when people are being forced to pay more for basics and essentials like energy and food. These are not discretionary spend items! Our economic system is flawed
Britain forward? Our country? To what is she referring?
Liz Truss backing Boris Johnson and will no doubt continue to do so right up until the moment that she can pull the rug from under his feet and steal his crown
How many out of 7 would you give Johnson, Mogg, Patel, Raab, Gove, Sunak, Javid? I’m not sure there’s a point to any of them…
The 7 Nolan principles are the basis of the ethical standards expected of public office holders.... 1. Selflessness 2. Integrity 3. Objectivity 4. Accountability 5. Openness 6. Honesty 7. Leadership…
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He was boozing at that drinks party for twenty-five minutes. Please RT if you want him gone.
This is hilarious - cheered me up!
Opponents of the Tories are used to this kind of arrogant disdain from Westminster Tories, but it's fascinating to see Tories in Scotland face it themselves.