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Lower to median IQ. End civilized society.
Just inflate the currency until 30 trillion is not that much.
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Big fans of both I can see. Must be heartbroken.
“He says that about his own sister too.” Says Jimmy. Lol
What is the disinformation that you’re protesting?
I bet he shit his pants shortly after.
Wow. Way to be constructive and not toxic at all Guido.
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I’m sure Joe would have Neil on his podcast to discuss the subject.
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Those women are Latino. So Karen doesn’t work as a pejorative.
You are an idiot of epic proportions.
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A person like Elon becoming the richest man on earth proves that the system works and that really bothers you, Robert.
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You’re a fool. How do your tax somebody’s unrealized gain? Democrats never cease to amaze me with their unrelenting envy.
FMK. James Woods, Dolly Parton, Keanu. Go.
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It ain’t your money Sergio
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How many iq points in that room?
Who forgot the piñata?
She happens to be a member of the 40% of the human population that we want to bang. Cheers to her.