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Licensed minister, amateur troublemaker. Tired of bigots, racists, misogynists, and people getting stepped on just because they're different.

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This fucking clown shoe is going to get someone killed.
Blatant lies like this from people desperate for clickbait are why the Internet, which should be the greatest tool for information ever seen, has to be taken with a mountain of salt. Thanks for being an asshole, asshole. Way to make things worse.
James Gunn seemingly confirms that there will be future ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ movies. via: James Gunn on Twitter
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MAGA college student says he has been traumatized since he spoke up in class to defend Trump from other students who were making fun of him. He says they all laughed at him, so he tried to let them know how much Trump did for black people, but they just laughed at him even more.
Alert: Cold weather in January is due to... drones dispersing... vaccine components... My lord, some of these people need serious freaking help.
I went to a “Trump Loyalty Rally” and it went of the rails.
Brock England of the Wichita, Kansas police department better hope I never run into him in a fucking dark alley. Piece of child-molesting shit.
Brock England of the Wichita, Kansas police department allegedly told his 8 year victim, “not to tell anyone or he would hurt her siblings.”
The amount of knee-jerk dipshittery in the comments from MAGA loyalists desperately clinging to their endangered Sweet Potato Hitler is quite the sight.
Donald Trump is a sociopath and a criminal. To let him near the nuclear codes again would be insane.
The woman who confused the Nazi secret police with a type of soup says that her people aren't stupid. ...okay, Midge.
Marjorie Taylor Greene: “We know that President Trump is innocent. People are not stupid.”
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Well-known blatant thief and liar calls crime "absolutely out of control." Ignores the fact that it wouldn't be if criminals like him would QUIT FUCKING CRIMING. Welcome to the 21st Century. "Blame 'woke', claim to be in favor of personal responsibility, then deny everything."
Need a Gatorade? Call the attendant. Crime is absolutely out of control in NY thanks to WOKE failed policies.
"We're here to get shit done." Hell yes. World of difference between the adults in the room and the desperate-for-attention MAGAts.
- @RepSwalwell SLAMS @mattgaetz for bringing “somebody that he met at a gun club” to the first House Judiciary Committee hearing to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Gaetz’s honored guest was charged with killing a family member in April 2019.
Last week, GOP: "Naw, Joe, we don't need you. The adults are handling it." This week, GOP: "Can you BELIEVE Joe didn't come here?? This fucking guy..."
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to Fox News: "I did get a call from the president. The president said I’ll send you whatever you need. I said, 'Look, Mr. President, your EPA has been in here from the word go. They’ve been working with the Ohio EPA, working very closely.'"
Another prime example that Florida is the dingleberry hanging off the ass of America. This shit has got to stop.
“Leave our country go back to Israel” “Heil hitler” “sir do you think you should be put in an oven” These “GDL” nazi animals have been terrorizing & targeting Jews & Jewish communities with impunity Police are refrained from doing anything. This needs to be stopped
Jesus fucking Christ. Minding his own business, listening to music on his way to get picked up for work, so he can't hear/doesn't understand the instructions of the cop who has decided he's guilty of a crime he's completely unaware of, and is going to break his collar bone for.
WARNING: GRAPHIC ⚠️ This incident of police brutality in Paulding County, GA is from March 2022 and it should be bigger news. Deputy Michael McMaster goes on a power trip and assaults Tyler Canaris for no reason. McMaster should be arrested.…
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ANOTHER SANTOS: GOP Rep. Andy Ogles (TN) just got caught lying about his past. He claimed to be an economist AND a former law enforcement official who focused on child trafficking. Nashville’s Channel 5 found that NONE of it was true. Another Republican fraud. #StopGOPLies
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This filing in the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News is one of the most remarkable documents I've ever seen. Filled with private texts between Fox stars like Hannity and Carlson, plus Murdoch, all admitting they knew Fox's stolen election claims were lies.…
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Replying to @KeneAkers
Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green is the first doctor to cure cancer using nanoparticles…
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What... and I cannot state this clearly enough... THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE FUCKING PEOPLE???
Just a reminder of what John MacArthur thinks about slavery
This video is devastating for Republicans.
The Democrats
He's not the only one, either.
On the left, Republican Senator Mike Lee feigns outrage during the State of the Union when President Biden suggests that some Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare. On the right, Mike Lee says he wants to get rid of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
Every damn one of those putzes got schooled by an 80 year-old man that they constantly underestimate. If you think he's not actually good at this, you're an idiot.
Biden completely owned Marjorie Taylor Greene. He knew she would walk into his ambush and was ready. He literally got her and her idiot friends to commit to not touching Social Security and Medicare. McCarthy has no control and Biden has been doing this for 50 years. #SOTU23