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Sample screenshots of your followers … how many bots is 10% of 90 million?
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If you live near a beach or have taken part in a beach clean up you will know why.
Astonishing thread showing the horrific, barbaric and almost medieval precedents towards women cited in draft SCOTUS opinion: Surely this has no place in 2022.
In Justice Alito’s draft opinion reversing Roe, he writes about “an unbroken tradition of prohibiting abortion on pain of criminal punishment,” up until Roe in 1973. He cites, as historical authority, Sir Matthew Hale. Let me tell you about Hale & his views toward women. THREAD
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Much prefer the views based on constituency and population density
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Are you politically neutral?:
Get off your high horse?.
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Did I say to just eat that, and only that? No. I just pointed out that there is no need to skip meals when some food is so cheap and you can do a meal for pennies. Get off your high horse.
You disabled reply, but your retweet vs likes ratio is 3,416 to 63: Nice ratio: Not good optics.
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Ministerial code re conflict of interest re spouses: Does not mention gender: But you did.
Balinese painting of 35 day Month, many days showing an episode of the Ramayana.
Balinese calendar 6 x 35 day Months (5 weeks) = 210 days per year: Each of the 35 days based on episodes of Ramayana and Mahabarata, with stories of Rama, Sita and Rawana, are overlaid with the Lunar cycle, and the combined alignment identifies auspicious days for ceremonies.
Gavin Williamson who received GBP 30,000 in Russian donations? Was also Secretary of State for Defence?
⚠️🇬🇧🚩Gavin Williamson: The Secretary of State for Defence (2 Nov 2017 to 1 May 2019), Chief Whip (14 Jul 2016 to 2 Nov 2017)
James Wharton almost always voted for Brexit, and consistently voted for replacing Trident
James Wharton MP: 3 donations totalling GBP 70,000
The bots attempt to malign when you are onto something … then they disappear
Brexit will forever be associated with Johnson. We want nothing more to do with Johnson. We want nothing more to do with Brexit.