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Been buying AMC bananas since March '21! 🦍🚀🚀🚀🌚

Joined September 2009
2022 is supposed to be the year of the Tiger, but Apes seem to have something to say about this! #APESNOTLEAVING #AMC
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I HODL for baby ape Bernadette!
8lbs 2.7oz 12:54am Jan 31!!!!!! Bernadette Violet is here!!!
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Watch this ❤️
What if I told u there's a VERY important detail no one is talking about on vote that swings the entire thing imo? I'm not TL:DR'ing this. It matters too much. Learn, get informed. Education is anti-FUD. $amc $ape #amc #ape #atamc #apesnotleaving #moass
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In a surprise move, the Indianapolis Colts have hired ESPN personality and former punter Pat McAfee as their new head coach. Jim Irsay: "We'd like to thank Jeff (Saturday) for all he's done for the organization, but ultimately he just has way too much coaching experience."
I’m so sick of ‘experts’ from the same company saying complete opposite things. All of Wall Street is a disgrace. I’m sure some good people there, but they work for evil focks.
Investors should sell stocks and take profits as the latest rally is set to falter amid surprises from the Fed and weak corporate earnings, JPMorgan, $JPM, has said. Do you agree?
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Lovin’ this! Bob Does Sports…IYKYK
Be the guy, Scott V
It has never entered my mind to leave this play. Am I frustrated that it is taking too long…of course, BUT I sure as hell am not leaving to let these criminals off of the hook.
I strongly believe the MAJORITY of the Ape community is UNITED AND STRONG! We're educated, we understand the fight we're in. Learned from past retail movements! Our bond is what keeps us together. #ApesUnited #ApesTogetherStrong
yo Kenny, it's not impressive when you don't play by the's like Kim Jong-il's 38 under par round of golf. it ain't real, so you don't get a gold star you POS.
Ken Griffin’s Citadel posts $16 billion in 2022 profits, per Forbes, and reportedly has become the top-earning hedge fund ever, per LCH.
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Apes, Joel is the best of us...level-headed, patient, all-around respectful dude. keep his family in your thoughts and prayers - here's to a good outcome for one of our fellow Apes!
Hey Ape Family, doc detected an issue with our baby's heart beat today. Currently at the hospital getting it looked after. Requesting prayers for Tess and the little one. I'll keep you all posted, for now prayers and positive thoughts definitely apprecjated.
I started buying #AMC 2 years ago for the money. What I discovered was rampant manipulation and corruption. I found a community of fellow investors. Even after this is done I am an #APE for life! #APEFORLIFE #AMCNEVERLEAVING #ApesTogetherStrong
Doesn’t may unless you address odd lots and dark pools
When I got to @SECGov, I asked for a copy of our best execution rule. Only then did I learn we didn’t have our own best ex rule. I think best ex is too important to our mission not to have our own Commission standard. I spoke w/ @dlauer about this recently.
HAHAHAHA...and some of us have held, and added. Don't believe everything you read! #AMCNOTLEAVING
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Definitely said something different than the headline suggests. Congrats to us...these are the idiots we've elected. If you don't think the last 5 years have lessened the world's respect for the U.S., you haven't been paying attention. They are all little paid-for children.
I remember being called a shill by @matt_kohrs 20 months ago - he was wrong, and so were a few others when labeling me a shill. I'm a retail investor Ape, and I have original thought, I do my own research, and...let me be very clear about this...I don't care what you think of me
Apes are allowed to have their own opinions. To call anyone a 'shill', despite their twitter history suggesting otherwise, when the voice an opinion is different than yours, is an indication of your character - not theirs. $AMC $APE #AMCNotLeaving #TiredOfShillClaims
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Brett Harrison from Citadel and FTX created fake AMC tokens to short AMC from $62 down to $5! These illegal tokens had 0 CTB, 0 locate and were never backed by real shares. Since Citadel can no longer use these tokens CTB on AMC is above 100% for a week #SBF_FTX $AMC $APE #AMC
Folks, there are no supply chain issues, or material/product shortages…what we HAD was marine shipment gouging, that has now become an excuse for everyone involved in the manufacturing process and/or supply chain to raise prizes without reason, other than to make more $.
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Chris Pronger suffered commotio cordis after taking a slap shot to the chest in 1998. Praying for a similar recovery and outlook for Damar Hamlin…Pronger was back on the ice weeks later and played 12 more seasons en route to the Hockey Hall of Fame. 🙏