With Issac, I can never tell whether it’s genuine ignorance or pure grift.
Replying to @mtracey
Stop it, man. Trump was pushing Lysol and telling officials in his administration to not do what’s in the public’s best interest on covid just so he wouldn’t look bad. These things aren’t nearly the same. Context matters.
I actually like him and generally respect his takes but he clearly caught the partisan brain worms. Like ok maybe Biden tried a little harder and had a little better intentions but that doesn’t bring anybody back to life or get me a test kit. Biden failed epically= valid crit
It’s like man I really don’t have to reflexively defend bad things just cuz you like who did it. That’s how a lot of society’s rot started, but what a fine time now would be to break the cycle eh?

Jan 10, 2022 · 4:42 AM UTC