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Sounds about right in a Fir PROFIT environment
Average list price for a unit of insulin: $6.94 Australia $7.52 UK $9.08 France $11.00 Germany $12.00 Canada $14.40 Japan $98.70 United States If Republicans have an intellectual argument against cheaper insulin, I’d really love to hear it.
That is the TRUTH One for Them ALL for THEM None for the PEOPLE BUT Keep sending them checks and Money Orders (U can get them at you local Walmart) Send Send Send This message is endorsed by??
Republicans voted against veterans. They voted against women. Against same sex & interracial marriage. Against infrastructure, healthcare, supplying baby formula, lowering the price of insulin & against protecting the planet. A party like that shouldn’t be in charge of jack shit.
YUP The Fake Donald Trump BULLSHIT strikes again......MADE Where??
Pro-Trump clothing company fined over $200K for replacing ‘Made in China’ labels with ‘Made in USA’
Double TALKIN RICK scott! $300 Million talking about your affordable meds Florida's! #BlahBlahBlah #FaceTheFloridians🤔🤔
Rick Scott: This bill should be called the war on seniors act. This is a war on Medicare. Margaret Brennan: Reducing Medicare costs is not the same as reducing benefits, though. You know that.
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WOW Georgia PROUD? How removed from reality can one be? 10 years Majorie. Jones made $$ Over those 10 years of FALSE accusations on Sandy Hook...just to apologize after a Texas judge berates him in court? Apologies nowadays are just words without true meanings! I'm SORRY!😅🤣😂
“Alex Jones is political persecution”…?
This is Joel Osteen's $10.5 million home He and his wife also own a $2.9 million mansion in Houston. Joel Osteen received $4.4 million in PPP loans Why doesn't Joel Osteen have to pay taxes?
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Has come a LONG way from the days of a Pork Chop around her neck?? Her childhood dog wouldn't play with her unless she wore that pork chop
People are expendable. Signed, Your GOP
For the PEOPLE?? NOPE For BIG Money
These are the Republicans who just voted to keep insulin prices high.
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666 Relevations When is the RAPTURE Kids? Planes fall out of the skies Driverless vehicles A WHITE Light from the skies #DonaldSatanTrump
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Trump said "I AM THE CHOSEN ONE"
Weekend at Bernie's
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And for America's sake Don't get her wet after midnight
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And for America's sake Don't get her wet after midnight
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Ask who was the BIG TRADE this week?
You walk into a variety store, and you see Bob Dylan casually reading Baseball Weekly. What do you do?
Two Anchorage police officers violated department policy when they did not ticket a woman who showed them a “white privilege card” instead of a driver’s license, Alaska newspaper reports.
Worst conjugal visit ever
It's A CULT!!
But it’s not a cult. Umm… ok. 👀…
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