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just a poodle who likes the Vikings

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Great news. Maybe @instagram will actually make it a great site for photography and allow different aspect ratios and higher quality pictures.
Rumour has it…Instagram is going back to prioritizing photos.
Baked beans have been a poor person staple since the days of hobos
Iowa Republicans are proposing the following new restrictions on food stamps:
I’m not sure how you watch that Vikings game and then decide Cousins is the one you want to criticize. The defense was completely non-existent, that’s the only reason they lost, period.
Kendricks has gone from one of the best linebackers in the league under Zimmer to terrible in this new scheme. Gets swallowed up against the run and lost in zone.
Get Irv Smith off the field
It’s embarrassing that this guy got sworn into congress
A Brazilian news outlet is reporting that an on-the-record woman says she traveled with George Santos to the United States in 2011, and that he drained her bank account and pawned her jewelry.…
Maybe the stupid thing is having a “monarchy” in the first place. Just ridiculous.
Prince Harry is a low-grade, dim, money-grubbing disgrace.
We can dream
Wouldn’t it be great for America if a block of Republicans and Democrats work together to pick a Speaker to run a coalition-style government? A coalition allows the House to create policy from the middle out rather than the extremes in.
That’s gotta be a torn Achilles for Brian O’Neill 😔 #vikings
George Santos the politician is literally a fictional character
McCarthy needs his vote. That is why his lies to get elected will be forgiven. He literally lied to win. FRAUD Rep.-elect George Santos admits fabricating key details of his bio…
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Viktor retweeted
Have the considered legislating a solution? AKA, doing their jobs?
In the new Republican majority, we will investigate our border crisis and hold those individuals who created this historic crisis accountable.
It’s possible to care about people all over the world, and not just stop being a good person at arbitrary lines drawn on a map.
Don't care about Ukraine, care about the US
how it started how it's going
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Amazing Vikings game, but also the worst officiated game I’ve ever seen. Wtf NFL was that acceptable?
😂 Elon is trying to find investors that will overpay just like he did.
Elon Musk's team is seeking new investors for Twitter, offering the same $54.20-a-share deal and trying to close by the end of the year. Scoop w/ @ReedAlbergotti…
Chief or champ or sport is worse
Calling another guy “bud” is the ultimate form of disrespect.
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How many times is Twitter’s shitty algorithm gonna make me watch clips of Prince Harry and Meghan when I don’t give a shit one way or the other about royals?
It’s cool we freed someone who was locked up in Russia for weed. Maybe soon we can free people who are locked up in the United States for weed.