It's a small thing, but my One Shot anthology for #UA3RPG, "American Dreams", has officially sold 50 copies! DriveThru's payment system doesn't make it totally straightforward, but with the take from my first round of royalties, I was able to donate $74 to @hoodtotheholler.
I calculated this by dividing my take from my first payout by 7.50 (my take of each copy) and multiplying the resulting number (37) by 2 (for $2/full cover price spent), which comes out to $74. I am terrible at math so hopefully I did this right.

Jun 2, 2021 · 7:51 PM UTC

I should also clarify it's sold 50 paid copies. Significantly more people have downloaded it :-) But paying for it is a good gauge of if someone actually intends to play it