Kynde was born. He lived. He still lives. Sometimes he even makes people laugh. He's currently laughing at the funny looking guy in the mirror.

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A brutal life is a real life; an easy life is one without adverse experiences. The former is what the latter impose upon others in effort of preventing the former.
I comprehend conservative thought & can debate. I follow true conservatives because of it. Trumpist gop are unapologetically fascist. I have 0 tolerance. I follow some because those dumb fucks project everything w/ more clarity than a make up mirror. We live in dangerous times
Twitter tried to ban me permanently for calling mtg a fascist c*nt. Then they tried to permanently ban me for calling out Pompeo over support for Putin. The right likes to call me a liberal snowflake. I think they’re projecting. I’m not the one reporting the comments of a nobody.
The right constantly accuses the left everything they are doing and their base eats it up while millions look the other way. This is how WWII happened in Europe. Clearly we learned nothing as a species.
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The 7 page search warrant released, Page 1
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Suspensions are fun. Right wing snowflakes clearly don’t like me.
When I cry “fascist” it is specifically because I did the research. Have you?
At this point @gop is overtly & unapologetically fascist. They are a party of big government and massacres. Massacres of children. While forcing unwanted pregnancy. DeSantis, Abbot, and trump are leading the charge to Tyranny. With a lot of help. And they will come for your guns.
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I’m the daughter of a marksman and a marksman myself. Trust me, the high-powered military rifles we carried on the battlefield don't belong anywhere near our kids. We need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. It’s the bare minimum we can do to protect our kids.
Dems should do a generous emergency relief bill for the flooded states, like Kentucky, and stack it with liberal priorities that are preferred by the majority of Americans. Let McConnell & Paul etal vote against on record.
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So let me get this straight: Exxon's net income amounted to $2,245.62 every second of every day during Q2, but government spending is to blame for rising gas prices?
Went to an impromptu interview at a church. Just before offering me the job they asked I never wear my Slayer shirt to work. I replied, “What’s wrong with ‘God Hates Us All?’ You’re Catholic, right?” I didn’t get the job.
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Cunnilingus is how I tell my bride I love her. I write it with my tongue in her native language between her thighs at every opportunity.
Ladies, if he won’t suck cock to access your womanhood, you can do better.
So I am not alone in regards to being creepy by thinking the neighbor boy is a handsome young man. His mother’s friends have done the same. I left it at he’s handsome. The women were more explicit. And that look of “of course you find my child attractive” couldn’t be missed.
Fellatio or cunnilingus? I’m all in on the latter.
I don’t mind being called a motherfucker. My bride is a mother and I fuck her. She cums more than I do every time. And I’m just a cartoon.
If my Twitter crushes knew I was crushing, I would be much more ill informed.
It’s nice to have sex workers paying attention to my tweets. What they all neglect is they require my bride’s consent and they never ask. My wife is my life. Never ask me, always ask her.