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♥️ She's very impressive... I hope that they're nothing but happy!
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The poverty rate in Tennessee is 16.7%. One out of every 6 residents of Tennessee lives in poverty. But you're tweeting about Trump-Russia collusion WHY?
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Wow. After spending the last 6 months slamming Biden for high gas prices, Republicans voted NO on a bill to criminalize gas price gouging. GOP doesn't want solutions, just outrage. Republicans claim government doesn't work, then they get elected and prove it.
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GOP “Pro Life” Agenda: •Baby formula funding❌ •$35 Insulin cap ❌ •Free pre-natal care ❌ •Extend child tax credit?❌ •Paid family leave?❌ •Free school lunches❌ •Universal pre-K?❌ •Gun reform to stop school shootings?❌ •Force 11-yr-old rape victims to give birth✅
Yikes, size 8 gums & size 3 teeth...
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Just like there's no racism, there's no mental health issues either...
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The angry White populist who paved the way for Trump Fifty years ago, George Wallace was winning Democratic presidential primaries. Gunfire ended his campaign but not the political forces he unleashed. washingtonpost.com/history/i…
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Tim, for all of us, please list what the @GOP & you specifically have done to lower prices at the pump for your constituents... I'm sure that we'd all be impressed... #GOPHypocrisy
#Oklahoma lawmakers pass bill that would ban abortions from the moment of ‘fertilization’ The bill, which Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) is expected to sign into law, would effectively prohibit almost all abortions in the state. #YIKES washingtonpost.com/politics/…
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Again, maybe I missed it Gym - please list what you've tried to make this better & the DEMS blocked you...
No, there's a special place in political hell for a steaming POS like Manchin... I want him to stay in office & be INSIGNIFICANT! #NothingBurger