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Speaking now at #igf2022, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed. Sees "the dark side of the internet requiring adequate policy and practice safeguards to be in place." Speaks of disinformation, but also positive uses during COVID-19 for e-commerce and innovation.
More from @AbiyAhmedAli at #igf2022: Talks up the progress in Ethiopia, improving connectivity and expanding accessibility, opening telecoms to private investment, 4g and 5g, etc. More users. Doesn't mention the 6 million people kept offline in Tigray #internetshutdown.
At #IGF @AbiyAhmedAli speaks of AI and cybersecurity development in Ethiopia. Calls out "gatekeepers", platforms collecting personal data; spreading of misinformation and "rumors"; and "imbalance " in ownership of infrastructure like submarine cables, data centers in Africa.
Continuing @AbiyAhmedAli at #igf2022: commits to review outcomes of IGF. Talks of principles like inclusivity online, ironic and disappointing given the systematic discrimination against Tigrayans in his country. #KeepitOn

Nov 29, 2022 · 8:35 AM UTC

Just for the record since you conveniently omitted to mention it. The very defense minister of Ethiopia is from Tigray. That should provide another context for people who would've otherwise believed all what you said.
120000 rapes counted 😅 by whom 😌 tplf liars have no problem with numbers.
A self serving stance faaar from the truth. TPLF cut off access to electricity and internet in Tigray but here you’re blaming Addis govt as that is the only way you can keep funds coming to “AccessNow” #Hypocrites
With the guns silenced in Northern Ethiopia, resumption of basic services is accelerating. Electric power is a crucial prerequisite for the resumption of telco and banking services. Here, heavily dismantled Humera-Shiraro-Shire HV transmission lines, are receiving maintenance.
The @UN, if it were serving all equally, it would have spoken against this abuse and discrimination of #Tigrayans a long time ago. It has not and the IC must ask why.
If you've swallowed something wrong, it's hard to get it all out of your system through vomiting alone. Still there's some weird malodorous is expected...