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I’d forgotten how funny Modern Family is
Display your flag today for National Purple Heart Day
NBCSports trying their best to shatter the world record for stuffing commercials down our throats during the British Open…. Constant split screen bullshit How long until it just stays split screen? No announcers, just keep playing commercials the entire tournament?
Tough very close call in Cardinals vs Phillies game… but Carlson was safe quite obviously
A big THANK YOU to the vast majority of the people I follow for not trying to stuff their political or religious viewpoints down my throat after the recent ruling by the Supreme Court
Keep swinging at that first damn pitch
Quit swinging at the first damn pitch
2 of 3 batters swing at first pitch? Not smart baseball
Big sports day today… Cardinals vs Brewers at 1:00 Razorbacks vs ??Rebels?? at 3:00 NBA Draft at 7:00
I have no clue where that home run landed? Guessing close to the foul pole?
Replay official will call him safe… This is Auburn, they get every call in their favor
Good to know the home plate umpire is blind
Doing some β€œaggressive” lawn mowing this morning to take out frustration… Will be ready for Hog baseball tonight
Is there a pitcher that can throw the damn ball over the plate? Just incredible how many walks and pitches in the dirt every single inning
Ihave a random question about the Jello Shot Board… How is the pizza at Roccos?
2 consecutive K’s swinging at pitches WAY OUT OF THE STRIKE ZONE This is why people want Thompson gone
And third K watches ball go by in the strike zone
He simply can not put the fucking ball over the plate!!! Perhaps we should PULL HIM OUT OF THE GAME?
Leave him in at least 2 batters too long
Hey @espn since you can’t seem to recall…. The FINAL SCORE was Stanford (the team from CA that you and all your announcers were rooting so hard for) 2 and Arkansas (the team you ignore and always root against) 17