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America once again showing that the right to life only matters to a fetus and once the child goes to school it’s fine to be killed by a AR-15
Millions of women in US set to lose legal right to abortion as Supreme Court reverses landmark Roe v Wade ruling
The sooner sports teams around here realise it isn’t my job to be your god damn cheerleader the better. Getting ridiculous at this point
And now to cross to Ollie on the sideline. “It’s loud.” Thanks Ollie
That being said NSW aren’t playing well at the moment #StateofOrigin
Same tackle no penalty hmm 🤔 #StateofOrigin
So what was wrong with that tackle??? #StateofOrigin
Wow a man who knows how to score in a final could have just Monaro into the main draw of the Australia Cup. What a collected finish from former Riverina Rhino and Yoogali SC’s Darren Bailey
There is a Riverina Rhinos feel to the Australia Cup Qualifying Final in Canberra with George Pavese coming on for West Canberra Wanderers with Darren Bailey in his customary left-back position for Monaro
Watching Panarin light up the ice for the Rangers in the play offs is a reminder of what could have been for the Blackhawks. What dumb business that was to trade him away. #TBLvsNYR #NHLPlayoffs
This game is the epitome of optional defending. 11 goals scored within two periods. Setting up a high scoring series with plenty of speed on both sides #NHLonTNT #COLvEDM #NHLPlayoffs
This has Spa 2021 written all over it. Who wants sleep #MonacoGP #F1
Jesus how much of a nanny state is the F1 becoming. People gave Massi shit but this is worse. I’m sorry it just is #F1 #MonacoGP
It has not been a good weekend for the MIA sides in the Riverina Football League. Amassed just 23 points between them while conceding 278 😳😳
FFS stop blaming everything but the actual problem itself. The whole blaming of violent video games is as archaic much like your stupid gun laws that allow regular citizens to buy weapons of war. Grow a set and make some fundamental changes other countries did after one massacre
Replying to @andrewkimmel
DPS chief Steven McGraw: “We haven’t gotten into the why [motive]. We know the individual was also into cyber gaming in that regard, and group gaming.”
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In lighter news, how has it been 17 years since this Liverpool side pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in recent memory over a star-studded AC Millan side? Still vividly remember going into primary school that morning absolutely buzzing
It continues to amaze me that America still pursues the narrative of guns aren't the problem. How many more kids have to die before they get the point
Please Villa find something please #EPL #LiverpoolFC #YNWA
I don’t know if I’m going to have any hair or nails left after tonight. #EPLFinalDay #LIVWOL #YNWA
Who needs sleep when you have a title to win on the final day. What’s one more sleep deprived Monday shift #EPL #LIVWOL