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Why do they always have eyes like this
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While the Squad unanimously votes to spend another $40b on Raytheon, Lockheed and CIA to fuel the war in Ukraine (a fact that progressive media has almost completely blacked-out), these are the only places you can go to find dissent on this war policy:
The $40 billion Ukraine bill represents a return to nation building. Wrong choice. I’m a no…
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Here's the video in case you didn't see. Israel shot dead one of the most famous journalists in the Arab world, Shireen Abu Akleh, then attacked people at her funeral including the pallbearers. The casket almost dropped to the floor.
Closeup video shows coffin of #Shireen_Abu_Akleh almost falling as Israeli police beat mourners during her funeral procession.
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Biden's new "Disinformation" czar, Nina Jankowicz, (@wiczipedia), worked for US gov't-funded propaganda operation "StopFake." Nina & StopFake whitewashed Ukrainian neo-Nazis with a track record of violence, including war crimes. Lev Golinkin reports:…
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NEW: The US Anti-War Left is Dead. The Squad's $40 Billion War Vote Just Killed It.…
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Kind of hard to ask people for sympathy and support after spending two years destroying their businesses and demanding they be fired and driven from society
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Replying to @mtracey
Every single US war was justified with the same packaging and rhetoric as the US role in Ukraine: the US is always fighting for benevolent reasons to save innocents from tyranny and aggression. That was the argument for Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria - even Afghanistan.
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People told me I was nuts when we filed the FOIA for these docs.
That Pfizer drop is WILD.
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“Sometimes the government acts like it’s terrified that peace might break out.” Dr. Paul
As a matter of principle Americans should find this unacceptable - regardless of whichever “party” happens to hold office.
A massive effort was put forth, & many questions asked about “How can we stop the Russians from bombing & invading?!?!?”. I think time would better be spent asking HOW WE CAN STOP OUR OWN GOVERNMENT (both parties) FROM BOMBING & INVADING? (Continued)
It seems like we should have more influence there…right? It shouldn’t involve World War 3 to end it…right? In my son’s lifetime alone THE US HAS DROPPED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF BOMBS. We’ve laid places to complete and utter waste that were considered successful & prosperous.
These actions resulting in millions of innocent people being dead, wounded, or displaced. We’ve assisted genocides. We’ve blown up school buses and wedding parties. We have killed the wrong people with drone strikes MOST of the time.
We’ve waged war after war based on lies and propaganda that no reasonable person would believe. Both parties and President after President continued the slaughter. They’ve abused their power and our own troops by sending them out again and again to places that we were not at war
with and that were no threat to the US. They’ve sent them into conditions so bad and asked them to do things so terrible that more come home to kill themselves than die in combat. The situation is obscene beyond words. So what is the reason?
Why did everyone get in a tizzy over the Ukraine, but not the atrocities that our own “public servants” are responsible for? I’m looking for good reasons, but the only explanations I can come up with are horrible. There isn’t a lot of money in making peace, but there is in war.
The media mostly shuts its mouth about the US crimes and just keeps beating a war drum. The Ukraine was another opportunity to make money - so the media loved it and told us how necessary it was that we send “aid” that involved weapons manufacturers making a ton of cash.
It also gave the US a chance to continue with proxy wars. I’ve got an idea. How about we concern ourselves with ending the US bombing other nations? How about we stop sending our troops to invade and occupy other nations?
How about we stop being the largest arms dealer in the world when we know genocide is on the menu for the buyer? How about we do all these things and clean up our own house before we get involved with yet another war that the media tells us is “justified”. They’re all justified?
They’re all justified - until we learn that they are not. Until we learn that we’ve been lied to again so military contractors can make still more money. Then the politicians joke about the lies with the press and everyone moves on to the next lie and the next war. Had enough?