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Slaveholders believed they had rights, too. In the same way, they were rights to treat other human beings as they pleased, without regard for their common humanity.
One got to live to see rights extended to millions that he callously tried to take from them. 3 got to see rights yanked away from millions. Not quite the same.
Good thing that, as everyone who has taken basic civics knows, the Senate doesn't do that.
There is no moral defense of a Senate which treats every person in California as 1/68th of a person from Wyoming.
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Hi @GlennKesslerWP, As the head of Washington Post’s fact-checking operation, can you please explain how you justify retweeting this indisputably false factual claim? Do you just assume any media claims are factually true without checking? (Ht/t @redsteeze)
Aside from being an inaccurate claim about what Thomas said that no one qualified to be a political reporter could believe, this is also COVID misinformation. Twitter allegedly cares about such things.
Justice Thomas cites debunked claim that Covid vaccines are made with cells from 'aborted children'… via @nbcnews
Anyone who's actually looked at the polls knows that this would be lucky to get 18% support on the merits. Roe v. Wade, on its actual holding, was and is horrifically unpopular.
We have to codify Roe vs. Wade into law. If the filibuster gets in the way, we should provide an exception to the filibuster to deal with the Supreme Court decision.
Communists lie about fascism, take 56,516,564. In any halfway accurate description of fascism, a key element will be regulatory control over corporations. Reducing regulatory control, unless it's done explicitly for the common good, is anti-fascist.
Fascist SCOTUS guts the EPA's ability to regulate carbon emissions, fight climate change. The federal government will be restricted from regulating anything of significance in the absence of a clear Congressional directive to do so.
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The worst thing about this scene are the cameras. Give them no attention. Tell them they can stay there as long as they like but no one is bringing food, water, or bathroom options until they ask to leave. If they damage the painting, jail. Lots of jail.
BREAKING: Just Stop Oil protesters have glued themselves to a Vincent Van Gogh painting at London's Courtauld Gallery. More follows...
Why is being subpar bad instead of good?
How is the first question any of Congress' business?
Cheney: Do you believe the violence on January 6 was justified morally? Flynn: takes the 5th Cheney: Do you believe the violence on January 6 was justified legally? Flynn: takes the 5th Cheney: Do you believe in the peaceful transfer of power? Flynn: takes the 5th
A reasonable person would believe that it means Flynn has had his honest and fully-forthcoming answers falsely charged as lies, so he's not going to risk that anymore.
Cheney: Do you believe in the peaceful transfer of power? Flynn: Fifth What the fuck does that mean???
One of the essential characteristics of a limo is that the driver is separated from the passenger cabin. Among other things, that's why you can drink there. You need a lot better evidence than hearsay to claim that the President's limo broke those rules.
Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson testifies that she heard Donald Trump wanted to go to the Capitol so badly on 1/6 that he lunged to grab the steering wheel of the Beast and then put his hands on a Secret Service agent when they took him back to the White House.
There's this weird idea on the left that the Christian right doesn't care if men have sex. It's wildly untrue and nobody with any actual knowledge on the topic could think so. In fact, a few female friends have told me that the message is stronger for men.
I've seen hundreds of tweets about telling women to stop having sex if they don't want to get pregnant but I've seen zero calls for men to become celibate. It will never cease to amaze me how little men are blamed for getting someone pregnant. This is about control and patriarchy
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If only Congress had done what I recommended at the time and immediately impeached him for interfering with Congress and disrupting the orderly transfer of power. Instead, the Democrats intentionally waited until he was out of office and included language to attack other people.
"You know, I don't f'ing care that they have weapons. They're not here to hurt me. Take the F'ing mags away. Let my people in. They can march to the Capitol from here. Let the people in. Take the F'ing mags away.” — Donald Trump on Jan. 6, per Cassidy Hutchinson
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It's a significant obstacle to the pro-life movement that a good portion of the left doesn't actually care about personhood at all and is okay with ending life for spurious reasons. @theWesleyJSmith has done a good job of explaining how the euthanasia movement is unlimited.
Max Boot's book on why he left the right makes it clear that he was never on and doesn't understand the right. It's not surprising that he can't answer questions that are obvious to anyone who deserved to pass high school civics.
Conservatives can plausibly argue that liberal justices invented a constitutional right to abortion but how is that different from what conservative justices have done in inventing an individual right to carry guns that’s also nowhere in the Constitution?
I think everyone has a weird blindspot/dislike that completely overrides any other attachment when they consider a piece of art. Mine is that I absolutely hate everything by Tim Burton. I think Batman Returns is the worst Batman movie ever made.
Google is swamped right now with other things, but I'm pretty sure Thomas was far left back then.
.@HillaryClinton: "I went to law school with [Justice Thomas]. He’s been a person of grievance for as long as I have known him — resentment, grievance, anger … Women are going to die, Gayle. Women will die.”
One of the big wildcards in how the debate falls out after Dobbs is how well messaging works. It's unlikely that more than a couple states actually have majority support for a law less restrictive than Mississippi's.
And when the Republicans were encountered by the same thing again, we repeated our strategy from before. The Democrats, of course, are repeating their tactic of starting a war.
Remember that abolitionists responded to a string of bad Supreme Court decisions not by starting a war, but by starting a new party and electing President Lincoln. The South responded to that election by seceding and starting a war.
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There is a lot of hard work for pro-lifers ahead. There are political challenges for Republicans in 2022. But I'm sorry, if you can't react with unconflicted joy at finally overturning Roe after half a century, you have lost the plot.